Nice Flirken

By G. P. Avants This piece is a short and sweet prediction about Avenger’s Endgame. I know the rumor mill is in full production, kicking out fan-fueled thoughts and ideas about how the Avengers will find a solution to Thanos’ fatal snap. It might involve Flirken to get the job done. Ah, what is a…

Welcome to the Human Race, Anne Droid 

By G.P. Avants Welcome back on board the Raza and the world of Dark Matter. The soften-spoken android, the heart and soul of that vessel, has been upgraded. Her time among humans has changed her status. I think her name Ann Droid is a more fitting title than just a piece of soul less hardware….

Make Your Own Wakanda

  By G.P. Avants   About a week ago after doing the flag salute in my classroom I heard a few students talking. They asked me if I had every read the second stanza in our national anthem. It was then they said it was very racist and that is why they refused to do…

Perfect Idiots

By Gary Avants Peter Quill believes he is staring at what he assumes is perfection. The Sovereign leader Ayesha, though, in all her glory can easily slip in a smile meant to reduce a lower species back down to size.  She makes the Guardians of the Galaxy feels like they are five tiny specs of…

Hope and Faith: Rogue One and A New Hope

  *Hello God Among Geek fans. We would like to introduce a new contributing member of our team. Meet John Pepe. He has been a good friend and fellow nerd (and/or geek) who brings his own style to our blog. This is his first post. Take a read and let him know what you think….