Hazel-Ra! (200th Post)

By G.P. Avants Welcome to God Among Geeks 200th post! Netflix is setting the bar with a number of original new series. Flipping through the new choices I was pleasantly surprised to see a classic book being reimagined. (Yes, we do love classic books her on God Among Geeks.  We love our fandom movies, TV…

The Sadness Channel

  By G.P. Avants I am not sure if I have ever shared the fact that I am a high school teacher. I am one of those crazy creative English teachers who has a hard time following the prescribed way of doing things.  I am not a outright rule breaker, I just have to do…

Do You Dream of a Jurassic World, Too?

  By G.P.Avants   There is a constant rumble in the air. Isla Nublar, the last residences of modern dinos, are once more on the verge of extinction…again. There is a great debate going on whether the residents of Jurassic World should be saved or by an act of God face their long awaited fate….

Do You Speak Wookie?

  By G.P. Avants   “My name is Han.” “Last name” He shrugs. “Han…Solo, welcome to service in the Empire.” That is how our beloved rascal of a pilot Han Solo came into the service of the Empire. He attempted an escape with his love Qi’ra, but they became separated. Han attempted to hide in…

Do you have a Big Belly Burger here ?

By G.P. Avants Life can speed by in an instant. Snap! There you go life changes in a moment and sometimes passes us by.  I am invested into the ever-changing, meta-human, time paradoxical world of Barry Allen AKA the Flash. Barry Allen lives on a world that hides among what is known as the multiverse….