Episode 96 John Dexter’s Sci-Fi Laboratory

h     ttps://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-qr3cb-fb4ef7 It’s nice to have family pop on the show from time-to-time. Today, Gary’s brother John stopped by to talk about some of his favorite old and new Sci-Fi features. 

Dorkus Maximus

By G. P. Avants You gotta love someone with a great sense of humor. They are the sort of person who can find the punch line in any situation or can create one with ease. Maybe a person who can be the butt of a joke and take it with stride might be the rarest…

Building People Bridges

By G.P. Avants  Be yourself. I know one thing that is easy to do is fake being the real you. Neeks are teased and are often misunderstood. Sometimes it’s easier to hide your brain when you think people will blow you off.  Here is an interesting stat: Smart girls can easily hide their intelligence if…

Books VS. Movies

By G.P. Avants For the past four years I have been teaching high school. I had totally opposite jobs, teaching CAHSEE English and Video Production. One is non-technology and book centered, the other of course is all film and production based. I was working every day in two contrary worlds. “Mr. Avants, which do you…

I am Into Ships

By G.P. Avants  Did you think I was talking about people? You know ships which is short for relationships? I am but I do mean something else that is almost as awesome. There is something really cool about space ships. Now, I am not a mechanic and I know basic things about any sort of vehicle design….

Marvel VS DC Deluge

Every hero needs a team. They become more than the sum of their parts. Superman, no matter how powerful he is, does have a weakness that can destroy him. The other on his team can fight when he can’t and are strong when he isn’t. So, everyone needs to be part of a team.

Star Wars or Star Trek

By G.P. Avants Fandom has taken a hit as of late. Don’t ask me why but when multiple fandom universes intersect, we are bound to see sparks just from the collision. A little friction, opinion, and points of view are normal and how we tackle it might make all the difference. Two universes that have…