Mr. Rogers :  Please Forgive My Neighbor

By G.P. Avants I look over at my wife and she is already in tears ten minutes into Won’t You Be My Neighbor. Tom Hanks is portraying Fred Rogers down to a tee capturing the man behind the story. I think what got to both of us was experiencing nostalgia from our childhood and the…

Perfect Idiots

By Gary Avants Peter Quill believes he is staring at what he assumes is perfection. The Sovereign leader Ayesha, though, in all her glory can easily slip in a smile meant to reduce a lower species back down to size.  She makes the Guardians of the Galaxy feels like they are five tiny specs of…

Never Tell God the Odds

by R3 Without a doubt, the lovable and funny Empirical Security droid that was modified by Captain Cassian Andor to assist him on his missions for the Rebel Alliance, was a highlight in the new Rogue One film. K-2SO is completely different than the droids that we are used to in the Star Wars universe….

Rogue One: Man in a Machine

  By G. P. Avants   One of the major themes that George Lucas brought up in his Star Wars universe was  two opposing forces who have to coexist in time and space.  These two entities are polar opposites that are excepted by Jedi and Sith, Empire and Rebels, Humans and every other species alike….


By G.P. Avants   How often does our ego get in the way of something really great? A little humility goes a long way. In the movie, Dr. Strange, Stephen Strange is very egotistical. His opinion of other people and their abilities is low. This leaves him without many close friends. The only friendly face…