For Nerds Written by a Nerd

As an adult I went to found nerds at work, school, and church. They were everywhere! When I found my wife (Not a neek, but a neek supporter), she had two boys who were major neeks on lots of levels. How else could I be convinced to open up my Star Wars collection, so we could play for hours?

A Nerd’s Brand of Hero

By G.P. Avants  I think inside all of us is a hero that wants a chance to do something great. You know, we all want to change the world in some way. Can you relate? What can a neek do that compares with those who do great almost superhuman things?  As our character, Levy finds…

Nerds and Geeks

By G. P. Avants  Uh, I have often heard that Nerds and Geeks are not the same thing. Have you heard that too? To some folks these common terms are interchangeable to describe the creative, out-of-the-box, people in our lives.  I decided to look them both up. Here are the dictionary definitions.  nerd nərd/  noun…

Nerdatonium Classification

es, I go to a school that has all levels of neeks. Not everyone thinks alike or do things the same. That can cause us to butt heads and cause tension between us. So, I shared with some of my closest friends, so we would understand each other and maybe be a little more patient and understanding with each other.

Episode 86 Awaking Dr. Sleep

h ttps:// Welcome Angie Martin and the genre of Horror to N101. We are excited to have a female perspective on a great sequel to a classic movie, The Shining. Today we look at the sequel, Dr. Sleep and the life of Danny Torres, (Who is here, Mrs. Torres).

Real Nerdatonium

By G.P. Avants  You’ve heard of Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, Uranium, and even Einsteinium? These of course are part of the Periodic Table of Elements. They are the building blocks of everything that (as far as we have discovered) that makes up everything on Earth.) If you love science or in a career related to the sciences, you…

God Among Geeks/ N101 Facebook Live Event!

Hello! We wanted to invite you to a new WEEKLY event on Facebook Live called the Neek Peak of the Week. We want to be there for our online community by giving weekly encouragement, conversation, and collaboration with our nerd, geek, and creative family. Why not join us for 15 minutes every Monday for a…