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We are NEEKS (Nerds + Creatives +Geeks+ ) who love to see how our favorite fandom characters take on the challenges life throws at them. We love multiple fandom movies, comics, TV shows, etc and each contributor chooses an upcoming Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Star Trek, Sci-fi, Fantasy,  or other fan favorite features and creates short inspirational pieces.  You never know what you might get on our site, but it will always give you something to lift your spirits and maybe find the faith of a hero inside you, ready to come to the light. This site was started by Rudy Rodriquez, John Pepe Gary Avants. You can subscribe and join the conversation.

Neekology 101 September show

Want to hear the NEEKS in action, check out our podcast Neekology101 the study of the nerd and geek in their natural habitat. You can find us on Spotify,  Google Play,  You Tube and Podbean.

We are the Knights who say, Neek!

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Doing something good. #freefandomforever


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