It’s The Red, White, & Blue, Charlie Brown

  By G. P. Avants   Charlie Brown & Linus are in school. The teacher, Ms. Othmar, asks students to stand for the flag salute. A number of  students won’t. Linus feels compelled the  give his class a little American history.   Ms. Othmar: Waa, waaaa, Waa, wa. Waaaaa. (There is a rustle in the…

Episode #24 Han Solo Prediction

  Here comes Star Wars second stand alone movie, Han Solo. In this episode we talk about what we hope to see in this next installment.     

Welcome to the Human Race, Anne Droid 

By G.P. Avants Welcome back on board the Raza and the world of Dark Matter. The soften-spoken android, the heart and soul of that vessel, has been upgraded. Her time among humans has changed her status. I think her name Ann Droid is a more fitting title than just a piece of soul less hardware….