Episode #24 Han Solo Prediction

  Here comes Star Wars second stand alone movie, Han Solo. In this episode we talk about what we hope to see in this next installment.             https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-k5zf8-9205c2  

Welcome to the Human Race, Anne Droid 

By G.P. Avants Welcome back on board the Raza and the world of Dark Matter. The soften-spoken android, the heart and soul of that vessel, has been upgraded. Her time among humans has changed her status. I think her name Ann Droid is a more fitting title than just a piece of soul less hardware….

A Hero of a Guy

  By G.P. Avants I am writing this piece three days before I see Infinity Wars. Yes, I waited an excruciating week, avoiding social media, my fellow neek’s spoilers, and even Marvel fans in my classroom. I am waiting to see it with my wife and daughter on Sunday. But I have had time to…