Episode #24 Han Solo Prediction

  Here comes Star Wars second stand alone movie, Han Solo. In this episode we talk about what we hope to see in this next installment.             https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-k5zf8-9205c2  

Welcome to the Human Race, Anne Droid 

By G.P. Avants Welcome back on board the Raza and the world of Dark Matter. The soften-spoken android, the heart and soul of that vessel, has been upgraded. Her time among humans has changed her status. I think her name Ann Droid is a more fitting title than just a piece of soul less hardware….

A Hero of a Guy

  By G.P. Avants I am writing this piece three days before I see Infinity Wars. Yes, I waited an excruciating week, avoiding social media, my fellow neek’s spoilers, and even Marvel fans in my classroom. I am waiting to see it with my wife and daughter on Sunday. But I have had time to…

Do you have a Big Belly Burger here ?

By G.P. Avants Life can speed by in an instant. Snap! There you go life changes in a moment and sometimes passes us by.  I am invested into the ever-changing, meta-human, time paradoxical world of Barry Allen AKA the Flash. Barry Allen lives on a world that hides among what is known as the multiverse….

Walking Among Neeks 

  by G.P. Avants   Welcome back to land of Neeks. Who are Neeks? You know who they are. These are the people in your life who stand out from the crowd, or quietly blend in behind the scenes. Neeks are creative, curious, calculating, (as in Math), and constructive people who are often labeled as…

Worn & Torn 

  By G.P. Avants   From my first impression of Logan I observed a tired and weary world. Things have progressed since the last time we have seen Dr. Xavier, Wolverine and the world where humans and mutants co-habitate. Technology has progressed, but the mutants are all but extinct. Oddly, humans have become a distant colder species….

The Fast Track of Destiny

  By G.P. Avants   I finally got into the second season of the Flash. It’s taking me time to get up to speed, but we have now learned along with Barry Allen, what the Speed Force is. His journey has taken him places that he could never imagine and has affected all us in…