Hamilton’s Shot!



By G.P. Avants

On July 4th our family enjoyed the revolutionary tale of the musical Hamilton. Over the years I had heard bits and pieces of the music, samples of the play, but on Disney Plus I saw the story from explosive beginning to satisfying end. Now, I don’t want to spoil the event so I will share in a pros format or if you like hip hop free spea. I hope what I took away from this unique rendition of Alexander Hamilton’s amazing life as only Lin Manuel Miranda could throw it down.


Hamilton Announces Closing Date in Chicago | TheaterMania


I am not throwing away my shot!

We can easily wallow, swallow sorrow

 Too easy to collapse.

 Life is work. 

Everything works against those

Who stand for truth. 

But stand anyway.

Read! Write! Manage your mind! 

Be organized. 

To make dreams

It takes work.


Rise up, don’t lay down. 

Freedom can never be taken away.

You only need a few faithful

Who stand with you. 

More people will get the truth in time

 Even if we don’t live you see it. 

I am not throwing away my shot!



Angelica, Eliza, and Peggy Schular.

People of character

Stand out from the crowd.

 These truths are self -evident.

 See a mind at work. 

Are we acting or reacting? 

It’s okay to have different opinions.

But our opponents wil come forward

Some try to swade our convictions 

Like King George who acts

As a jealous psycho lover.

Flashy and foolish. 

Sweet submissive subjects. 

Avoid that Hypnotic crazy talk.

I am not throwing my shot!

Ham & CrewHamilton & Crew.

Revolutions  rise up!

 Finding good people.

 George Washington remembers

 Good people are a treasure. 

They rise up from the trenches. 

Hamilton is a risk-taker and help comes 

From heroes in the battle. 

Odds mean waiting

For the right yes and no more nos. 

He makes the most with the little given to him.

Burr is pushes away by Washington and jealousy begins. 

I am not throwing away my shot!


Ham & Eliza .jpg

Hamilton meets Eliza.

A poor orphan with nothing

Now a part of a family.

Give what you have.

In New York 

You can be a new man! 

Toast to a union and a revolution. 

Never satisfied. 

A million things I haven’t done. 

What’s really going back in their minds? 

Don’t size up people to quick.

 Deep issues and battles 

Inside us can be satisfied? 

I am not throwing away my shot!Toll .jpg


Freedom exacts a toll from us

Burr is a reminder that there are lines

Not to cross. 

Death and victory 

Go hand  in hand. 

Emotions, patience, jealousy, pride 

All have to have borders. 

Wait for your moment. 

When we jump dangerously 

Into the use of freedom 

We might just lose it.

I am not throwing away my shot!


Tony Nominee Joshua Henry to Lead Chicago Cast of 'Hamilton' as ...

Hamilton Defies Orders


No calvary. 

Be relentless. 

Stay alive. 

Tests come. 

Pick and choose your battles.

To escape the jaws of defeat.

 Don’t go against orders. 

Duels don’t solve our own issues.

 Lucky to be alive right now. 

Circumstances change to have a son. 

The fight for our nation 

Begins with fighting for our family.

 Be a part of the narrative. 

I am not throwing away my shot!

Hamilton: What Happened To Lafayette After The Musical

Hamilton and Lafayette

What was the secret weapon? 

Turn the tide.

Loyal people lay down everything

 And don’t always count the cost. 

Washington has so many mistskes, 


The weight of the world on his decisions. 

Share the load 

Even if it means who lives and dies. 

Victory and history 

Has it’s eyes on you.

 Not a game. 


Immigrants we get the job done!

Until the world turns upside down. 

The American Experiment begins! 

Freedom for America means

Freedom for everyone!

I am not throwing away my shot!

Jonathan Groff Hamilton GIF by Official London Theatre - Find ...

King George’s New Reality

The king is feeling estrangement. 

He paints a morbid picture of independence.

A new nation for our children.

(He threw away his shot!)

Hamilton movie cast | Full character list, actors & real-life ...

Hamilton & Burr

Look at the birth of a new life, 

As a father and not an orphan. 

Coming of age with our new nation. 

Lots of new starts. 


Death comes to friendships 

Dreams die too. 

I am not throwing away my shot!

Is Hamilton the most over-rated musical ever? - Quora

New Nation Birth Pains

Why do you assume

 Your are the smartest in the room? 

Non-stop to get the start of a new nation.

Write like you are running out of time. 

New US Constitution is our new thing 

To fight and defend. 

Some people jump in 

And others are cautious. 

The defense of the Federalist Papers. 

Could we feel the push of time to get things done 

Before history is done with us? 

I am not throwing away my shot!


MrIppolito.com: The Great Divide: Hamilton and Jefferson ...


Sec of State Meets Sec of Treasury


Two party system. 

Jefferson a good opponent for Hamilton.

Sec of State and State of Treasury? 

Battles within to create a new nation. 

What did I miss? 

One writer meeting another. 

What else needs to happen? 

Internal battles rap off! 

Battles and discussions 

and debates are how things get done.

Age of Enlightenment. 

Money and nuts and bolts.

Winning is easy, building a nation is not. 

Time to learn Compromise. 

I am not throwing away my shot!

Philip Hamilton | Hamilton Wiki | Fandom

Hamilton & Son

Father like son. 

Family together 

But work can get in the way. 

You have to know when to break. 

Take a break. 

Anything good can consume you 

And ruin good things. 

You don’t get that time back.

A place of temptation tries

To fill the void.

You have to say no to this. 

When one rises to power

You can get caught into a trap.

There are too many to destroy good people.

 Say no to this. 

I am not throwing away my shot!


Brian Mayer – George Washington

Washington’s On Our Side?

No one else was in the room. 

Lots of things aren’t recorded 

Things just happen with small groups. 

How much of history has to be 

In God we trust?

(And not ourselves) 

Have skin in the game. 

Waiting vs action. 

Where is the right place? 

People miss opportunities

 Because they play it safe, Burr. 

Others make things happen, Hamilton. 

The art of compromise. 

Does that mean we switch sides?

 Do we fight to help others 

Stand  against tyranny?

Making choices can break a nation.

 It must be nice to have 

Washington on your side. 

A healthy government has accountability

as with money. 

I am not throwing away my shot!


Where Is the Cast of Hamilton Now? - Hamilton Actors List

Two George Say Goodbye

Washington steps down

Changing of of the guard. 

Jefferson is running for president. 

How to say goodbye 

And end well with dignity? 

If I say goodbye you can move on. 

There is a time to end 

And enjoy the freedom we have made. 

Hamilton is the words behind the presedent. 

People don’t always know

What went on. behind the scenes. 

Goodbye is okay. 

Finish well.

Give honor where honor is good

This separates King George 

From President George.

The king doesn’t get relinquishing power.

But a good president does.

John Adams can step in.

I am not throwing away my shot!


March | 2016 | fairyprincessdiaries

Facing Hurricanes

Hamilton’s getting dropped 

In the change of power. 

Extortion! Government corporation. 

Not treason for government but in the personal arena, 

He faces brokenness.

Eye of the hurricane. 

Storms come many times to try destroy us

Or make us.

How do we face them

Instead of run? 

Do we write our way out 

Or do they have to happen? 

Relect on life. 

How many hurricanes do we face 

That changes us as people? 

The hurricane spins people and circumstances.

I am not throwing away my shot!


Let's All Take A Moment To Appreciate Daveed Diggs From "Hamilton ...

Scandalous Times

The past is catching up.

Hamilton’s indescretions hit! 

Never going to be president now. 

Have you read this? 

Why Do people ruin their own lives? 

Eliza devestated. 

Remove him from the narrative. 

You will do what it takes to survive. 

Building worlds with words.

Clearing your name ruined our lives. 

Obsessed with your legacy. 

Erasing myself from the narrative. 

Watching it burn.

I am not throwing away my shot!


Review: 'Hamilton,' Young Rebels Changing History and Theater ...

Like Father Like Son

An unchecked temper can ruin you. 

Will your emotions make you 

Throw away that shot? 

Philip Hamilton: a man with the show. 

Aim gun to the sky!

Held your head up high.

Philip died in his parents’ arms.

The Hamilton’s 

 Deal with the imaginable. 

Alexander Hamilton changed.

He became a make a quiet man of prayer. 

Loss changes people.

 No replacement of a child.

 Moments that the words don’t reach. 

Forgiveness, can you imagine. 

What a powerful thing. 

I am throwing away my shot!


Alexander Hamilton's “First” Duel | Emerging Revolutionary War Era

The Burr in Hamilton’s Side


Burr less extreeme. 

Hamilton’s  on your side. 

Don’t let them know what you stand for. 

Hamilton out of the political issues. 

Chasing what I want. 

Jefferson has his vote. 

Burr has no beliefs. 

Jefferson has some.

From friend to rival.

Opponent to nemisis

One sharp moment

Makes a bitter enemy.

Burr is ready to face Hamilton. 

Slow to anger but now he will face a challenge. 

Nice letters honor with challenge. 

Pride and vanity. 

Ten steps to death. 

Hamilton did throw away his shot.

He was a marksman. that didn’t use the gift.

Your first friend and enemy. 

A place to leave a legacy on the other side. 

In an instant 

Hamilton’s whole life flashes before the shot. 

Right down to the last shot!!

Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton True Story | What To Know About Eliza ...

Eliza, finish the Narrative

Burr is humbled. 

What a mess our pride does to us. 

We hear from 

People on the other side.

What is left behind? 

Who tells your story? 

 Eliza will you tell his story.

 We will tell your story.

Eliza finishes everyone’s story.


Hamilton Announces Closing Date in Chicago | TheaterMania

Maybe the inspirations pass on to all of us.

 Are we all learning from history

 And keeping their sacrifice alive!

 Will you say with Hamilton and crew.

I am not throwing away your shot! 

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