The Expanding James Holden

By G. P. Avants Great characters are timeless. A hero is a hero no matter what time period they are born into. James Holden is just an ordinary man who had greatness thrust upon him. In the coldness of space he and his crew hold the key to a new life for humanity. In the…

Dorkus Maximus

By G. P. Avants You gotta love someone with a great sense of humor. They are the sort of person who can find the punch line in any situation or can create one with ease. Maybe a person who can be the butt of a joke and take it with stride might be the rarest…

I am Into Ships

By G.P. Avants  Did you think I was talking about people? You know ships which is short for relationships? I am but I do mean something else that is almost as awesome. There is something really cool about space ships. Now, I am not a mechanic and I know basic things about any sort of vehicle design….

Marvel VS DC Deluge

Every hero needs a team. They become more than the sum of their parts. Superman, no matter how powerful he is, does have a weakness that can destroy him. The other on his team can fight when he can’t and are strong when he isn’t. So, everyone needs to be part of a team.

Star Wars or Star Trek

By G.P. Avants Fandom has taken a hit as of late. Don’t ask me why but when multiple fandom universes intersect, we are bound to see sparks just from the collision. A little friction, opinion, and points of view are normal and how we tackle it might make all the difference. Two universes that have…

The International Language of Neeks

By G.P. Avants What is that international language that is supposed to be the world language, Esperanto? I think that’s it. That would be a feat to get people speaking the same language. Unless of course you are a nerd. Oh, by the way if that term still makes your eye twitch maybe the term…

For Nerds Written by a Nerd

As an adult I went to found nerds at work, school, and church. They were everywhere! When I found my wife (Not a neek, but a neek supporter), she had two boys who were major neeks on lots of levels. How else could I be convinced to open up my Star Wars collection, so we could play for hours?

A Nerd’s Brand of Hero

By G.P. Avants  I think inside all of us is a hero that wants a chance to do something great. You know, we all want to change the world in some way. Can you relate? What can a neek do that compares with those who do great almost superhuman things?  As our character, Levy finds…

Nerdatonium Classification

es, I go to a school that has all levels of neeks. Not everyone thinks alike or do things the same. That can cause us to butt heads and cause tension between us. So, I shared with some of my closest friends, so we would understand each other and maybe be a little more patient and understanding with each other.

Real Nerdatonium

By G.P. Avants  You’ve heard of Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, Uranium, and even Einsteinium? These of course are part of the Periodic Table of Elements. They are the building blocks of everything that (as far as we have discovered) that makes up everything on Earth.) If you love science or in a career related to the sciences, you…