It all Started When We Stirred the Nest

It all Started When We Stirred the Nest By G.P. Avants There is a time for all things. A time to be born, and a time to die, a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing, a time for peace and a time for war. In the film Solo A Star Wars…

Never Tell God the Odds

by R3 Without a doubt, the lovable and funny Empirical Security droid that was modified by Captain Cassian Andor to assist him on his missions for the Rebel Alliance, was a highlight in the new Rogue One film. K-2SO is completely different than the droids that we are used to in the Star Wars universe….

Hope and Faith: Rogue One and A New Hope

  *Hello God Among Geek fans. We would like to introduce a new contributing member of our team. Meet John Pepe. He has been a good friend and fellow nerd (and/or geek) who brings his own style to our blog. This is his first post. Take a read and let him know what you think….

Rogue One: Man in a Machine

  By G. P. Avants   One of the major themes that George Lucas brought up in his Star Wars universe was  two opposing forces who have to coexist in time and space.  These two entities are polar opposites that are excepted by Jedi and Sith, Empire and Rebels, Humans and every other species alike….

Rogue One: Must We Fear the Man from Mustafar?

  By G. P. Avants   We all saw it coming. His unmistakable shadow was cast across the big screen. In the murky air of a volatile planet, Darth Vader loomed larger than life, though he was a harbinger of death. Rogue One took us to his castle on the fiery planet of Mustafa, where…

A Rebel at Heart

By G.P. Avants The Rebel Alliance is the star of Rogue One. We had a small sampling of this rag-tag team of heroes in the original Star Wars trilogy. Now we have made privy to who these people are and how mismatched these rebels truly are. Think about the Empire as obsessed with perfection and…