Welcome to the Human Race, Anne Droid 


By G.P. Avants

Dark Matter - Season 1

Welcome back on board the Raza

and the world of Dark Matter. The soften-spoken android, the heart and soul of that vessel, has been upgraded. Her time among humans has changed her status. I think her name Ann Droid is a more fitting title than just a piece of soul less hardware.


Ann began to see things change after living among imperfect humans. She surprisingly felt a connection to her crew now called family. Ann at first considered her emotional experiences were just malfunctions in her programming. She later discovered her changes made her better, more than the sum of her parts. This seemingly perfect machine began to show compassion, experience humor, the loss of death, and the joy of hot chocolate.  (I just saw her bring in casserole, wearing her apron. “The main ingredients have basil and love.”) How many factory-model androids do you know (other than Data) do you know cares about such things?

Ann Smiling

But she soon found others like her. Ann was not alone in her new found life. Other androids began to discover the pros and cons of living among humans. They were no longer  isolated and distant members of society. Her people now had a chance to live among people as… people.  Sometimes it starts with one person who takes one uncertain step of faith to start the ball rolling. And that might even mean tripping and stumbling over that ball in the process, but at least they are falling forward.


Life can make us all disconnected, impassionate androids. Many times it’s easier to be emotionless and cut off from the troubles of society.  Yet, when we open our lives our hearts we a real taste of the human experience. Emotions can hurt, but they also heal. Relationships take work, a lot of work. There is a cost being a real human. If there is any consolation there are other people searching for this life. Your journey of faith can set their feet on the path as well.

Ann 2

How has stepping out of your comfort zone connected you with others?


3 Comments Add yours

  1. jdpepe says:

    So true GA. Relationship, and truly fostering them, takes work. You have to make yourself vulnerable if you want a deep long lasting friendships- whether that be in a marriage, with your siblings, your parents, or simply with friends. That is difficult for most of us. It requires being honest ( not brutality), open, and our willingness to compromise, which most of us don’t want to do. It requires letting go of our pride and sometimes giving in, and letting the other person have some of the victory. It real takes work, emotional. Communicating, emotionally as well as intellectually. Which I know is difficult for me. Nice post.


    1. gpavants says:

      We all can get those “upgrades” when the Lord is working.


    2. gpavants says:

      Amen to that!


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