Can We Have Order? 

By G.P. Avants and J.D. Pepe   There is unfinished business with the Justice Leaque. Here is the script for an upcoming fan-fiction piece we thought you might enjoy. Keep an eye…and an ear out for it in the next month on Neekology 101. ********************************************************************** Narrator: Bruce Wayne AKA Batman has opened the doors…

Do you have a Big Belly Burger here ?

By G.P. Avants Life can speed by in an instant. Snap! There you go life changes in a moment and sometimes passes us by.  I am invested into the ever-changing, meta-human, time paradoxical world of Barry Allen AKA the Flash. Barry Allen lives on a world that hides among what is known as the multiverse….

Human Among Meta-Humans

By GPAvants   I just finished the first season of The Flash. Time and destiny are the big themes that run through this show. Some people feel like destiny is something that they are a slave to and others try and forge their own path, in spite of what the future might hold for them….

Slow &Go

G.P. Avants   Have you seen The Flash? Even if you blink you might miss him of you aren’t looking for him. It is a great show that I had been too busy to watch, but finally slowed down enough to get Barry Allen’s story.   Barry, due to a freak accident, has become the…