Human Among Meta-Humans


By GPAvants


I just finished the first season of The Flash. Time and destiny are the big themes that run through this show. Some people feel like destiny is something that they are a slave to and others try and forge their own path, in spite of what the future might hold for them.

Central City was changed forever by a huge colosseum-sized machine called the Particle-Accelerator. It not only turned Barry Allen into the Flash, but inadvertently created people with abilities that some call “Meta-humans”. No one is sure how many people have been altered by this event, but it keeps changing the playing field whenever a new enhanced-person arrives.

Eddie and the Reverse Flash

Into the scene arise a man from the future named Eobard Thawne. Without telling how much trouble he causes Flash as his nemesis, the Reverse-Flash, I want to talk about a relative of his, Eddie Thawne. Eddie is a police officer who soon becomes caught up in the life of Barry Allen and the Flash. At one point in the complicated story, Eobard tells Eddie that in the grand scheme of history and destiny that ordinary Eddie amounts to nothing. (Talk about discouraging a person before they even had a chance to make their mark on history.) However, Eddie refuses to believe he has no place in history. This leads him to make a great sacrifice that stops that twisted Meta-human from destroying the Flash. Eddie becomes a real hero in his own right.

Never believe the lie that your life doesn’t have a purpose. No one is just a speed bump on the road of life. God made only one you so I hope you find your calling and make history the way only you can!

Eddie and Iris

Can you say that you found your purpose and are living it?

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