Do you have a Big Belly Burger here ?


By G.P. Avants

Life can speed by in an instant.

Snap! There you go life changes in a moment and sometimes passes us by.  I am invested into the ever-changing, meta-human, time paradoxical world of Barry Allen AKA the Flash. Barry Allen lives on a world that hides among what is known as the multiverse. Instead of one song being played, in a sense, there other versions played in other key, voices, tempos, and tunes. It can get pretty crazy with all the talk of alternate earths it is good to know something’s do not change.

BB Burger

What makes the journey of the Flash and his other counterparts work is how they are real people on extraordinary situations. It seems like the entire D.C. Universe and multiverse have one thing in common. Everyone seems hooked on Big Belly Burger. Somehow this fast food franchise is so popular that every version of Harrison Wells from alternate Earths upon visiting Team Flash has a hankering for one of it’s famous burger. It makes me think of a term I used in my time travel novel, Chronolocity called a “Fixie”.It means that in contrast to historical figures with different roles, temperaments, and stories fixes, like a rock on a roaring river, remain true and constant.


What do they say, “The only thing constant in life is change.”? It’s true that life speeds by in a flash. Sometimes things happen so fast that we barely catch our breath. Isn’t good to know that somethings will never change? God has anchored time in the life of His Son. Our history is balanced on Jesus’l life death and resurrection. A Big Belly Burger might be that source of comfort food to feed bodies, but God’s soul food really does satisfy us for the long run ahead.


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  1. jdpepe says:

    This post ties in with mine. So often, like friends, Jesus is a beacon of hope when I feel lost. He is that Big Belly Burger, that comfort food for my soul who renews my spirit, not unlike food renewing my body. And when our friends/family can’t be there to help us, because let’s face it they have lives outside us as well, I can turn to God as he is ever present in my time of need. He is always there to provide hope. Good post brotha!


    1. gpavants says:

      Hi JP,

      The Bread of Life, right? Man, I tell you it seems like the more things are changing the more I grab a hold of that anchor. If Jesus wasn’t THE Rock we would all be rolling. Thanks as always for being my brother,



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