Slow &Go


G.P. Avants


Have you seen The Flash? Even if you blink you might miss him of you aren’t looking for him. It is a great show that I had been too busy to watch, but finally slowed down enough to get Barry Allen’s story.


Barry, due to a freak accident, has become the fastest man on Earth.  He is excited to be able to use his new abilities to make a difference in the world. Considering what childhood tragedies, he has faced, Barry has been able to run through barriers while keeping his hopeful dreams.


In contrast to being able to help people in an instant, he has often been late to meetings, appointments, and confrontations. What would keep this speedster from applying his lightning fast moves to every aspect to his life?


Life is about timing. It is also about finding your pace in life. In our crazy, busy world, there are times to stop and watch the traffic go by. There are other times to kick in the jets. I guess the real secret is knowing how to control your speed.


Have you found your pace yet?

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