Nerdatonium Classification

By G.P. Avants

How would you rate yourself with your level of Nerdatonium? If you were with us last time you remember our interview with inventor and junior scientist, Levy Mozes Roarke and his take on the life of a nerd and geek, or neek as he puts it. We at God Among Geeks were able to sit down and interview Levy and get his thoughts on the life and times of being a neek into today’s culture. 

Levy Moses Roarke

Levy, tell us how you came up with your Nerdatonium classifications? 

I think every neek has their own level of Nerdatonium. That is the element that makes up every nerd, geek, and creative thinker. 

 As a disclaimer we wanted our readers to know Levy’s classification is not intended to put anyone in a box or slap a label them.  But rather to help you understand who you are a creative, inventive person, or out-of-the-box thinker.  So, Levy, as a middle schooler, classified them in order to understand how people think as…neeks. 

Yes, I go to a school that has all levels of neeks. Not everyone thinks alike or do things the same. That can cause us to butt heads and cause tension between us. So, I shared with some of my closest friends, so we would understand each other and maybe be a little more patient and understanding with each other. It also was a self-reflection for me, so I would remember being a neek isn’t easy for any of us. 

That makes more sense. How do you rate these levels?

Oh, well a person with lots of Nerdatonium is a Class One and someone with less Nerdatonium is a Class Five. 

So, not to be nosy, but do you know people who you modeled after these levels?

Sure, my best friend Chandler is a Class Five. He hides the fact that he is a Nerd. Chandler wants to just fit in and be cool at school with the other “normies.”


Everyday people who aren’t neeks. That’s most people. Okay so a Class Five in my book is: 

  1. You like ideas, but don’t always have to share them.
  2. You might choose a physical activity over a mental one most of the time.
  3. You have smarts, but don’t really want to be associated with other thinkers.
  4. You are very comfortable in a social setting. 

Last time we talked, Levy, you put yourself as a Class Three 

Neek. Why was that? 

That’s because I sort of know when to work my neekiness and when to sort of lay low. I am not saying I have a perfect balance between neek and normie. There are times if the topic is REALLY interesting that I geek out. I can’t help it. I get excited and can’t stop. 

So, what does that look like? 

A Class Three Neek

  1. You are generally comfortable being a listener but will share ideas freely.
  2. You choose an activity that suits your needs at any given time.
  3. You don’t have a problem being seen as a thinker.
  4. There are times you fit into a social setting and other times you can feel a bit awkward. 

Who is the Class One Neek in your life? Do you have someone that you know that people don’t always get or understand? 

First name Chris, last name K-O. “That is the shortest last name I have ever heard.

Why does Chris fit the bill? 

If this school were an atom, Chris would be a stray electron, a person who just doesn’t fit in. If things were different, it could be me sitting at that isolated table. I still don’t get why he doesn’t connect with others. In my opinion a Class One Neek is: 

  1. You like to share your ideas freely, even if others don’t seem interested.
  2. You would rather do a mental activity over anything physical.
  3. You are a thinker and love to be around others like yourself most of the time, or by myself. 
  4. You can feel rather awkward in a social setting at times. 

Wow, you really have a wide variety of friends and acquaintances. Do you have any last thoughts for our readers? 

If you ask me, I would love to say that I am a Class Three Nerd. However, 

I tend to lean towards a 2.5 or a 2.0 in reality. Again, classification is really for your own self and something to think about as you interact with others. I think knowing how people act and interact with others helps you to be a little more patient and understanding of others around you.

Your thoughts? What is your level of Nerdatonium? 

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