The Element of Nerdatonium

By G.P. Avants


My novel, Chronolocity: A Fistful Chronotonsis now ready. However, that was only the first step in the publishing process. The next step is to find my audience. That right there is almost as hard to writing the book. I hope, wish, and pray that I hit the right target. On a recent vacation I spent some time praying for a little guidance to getting the right readers for the Chronolocity series.

On our cruise I think I found my answer while attending a Star Wars Trivia contest. I was excited that this was one topic I knew quite a bit about. My wife and I did okay with the TV show theme song trivia, so, so with 80’s music trivia, and didn’t even try sports trivia. However, when it came to sci-fi fantasy there was my niche. My wife knew I had a fighting chance in this arena. So, I found a Star Wars Trivia contest and I beelined there with my in wife in tow, just shaking her head.

Star Wars Trivia Night — ArtsRiot | Upcoming Shows, Community Events, and  Performances in Downtown Burlington, VT

So, there we were surrounded by people of all ages who knew Star Wars inside and out. I wish I could say I nailed all the answers. I got 16/20 right. That wasn’t bad, but someone else had a perfect score. The whole room was a buzz of chatter and factoids. There is something to be said about the creative and interactive minds at work that day. Yoda would have commented, “My minds on one thought they are, yes.”

Then at dinner we sat with a whole family of thinkers: Father, mother, sister, brother. You know the type. They have many interests, are a chatter of information, and have many ways to express their intelligence. You could hear their brains buzzing. I have been blessed on several occasions to be among roomful of very intelligent individuals. I am no dummy but being in an atmosphere charged with that much creative brainpower, you hope to soak something in through osmosis.

Then it all seemed to crystalize. These are my people. This is the group I connect with most of the time. These are people who make have Nerdatonium. That is how this blog series began to emerge. What is Nerdatonium? If you ask my story’s protagonist, Levy Mozes Roarke, he’ll explain his term in detail. 

“Consider it as the microscopic element that resides in all nerdy or geeky guy or gal. Nerd. Geek. Maybe you have heard the words used as a slam or a put down in your life. People have called me  a nerd, a geek, freak, creative, or a Brainiac. They really don’t know that they are actually giving me a compliment. I guess when you understand who you are, you can be proud the bear that title.  Own it proudly as a humble badge of character.”

If you are a connoisseur of jazz music, then you will understand this analogy because it has such a wide and far encompassing musical scope. So are people who are classified as nerds or geeks. There are a wide mixture of intelligence and pure creativity.  They have many interests, a variety of ways to express their creativity, and harken from every corner of the globe.  Nerdatonium knows no color, race, or political boundary. They are more united than most people could even imagine. 

5 Steps to Thinking Outside of the Box |

What unifies these individuals is that they use their brains. They don’t always go along with the crowd.  You could call them out-of-the-box, unconventional, a one-of-a-kind-original. They are unique individuals who use the gifts they are given in a way that makes them stand out in a good way. These are people who think deeply. You won’t find many who are more passionate about what they believe. These folks definitely break the mold more than they fit one. 

Over the next few weeks I am going to try find people of like-minded thinking. They embrace their nerdy ways and see how their God-given intelligence is sorely needed today. We need to keep creativity and out-of-the-box thinking vibrant and alive. What would the world be like if we never reached for those seemingly impossible dreams?  I couldn’t, wouldn’t or shouldn’t even imagine. 

Maybe you are trying to use your own Nerdatonium make your impact on the world just like Levy Roarke? Check our Chronolocity: A Fistful of Chronotons and make history personal. 

Also, check out John’s Fantasy novel, Lone Wolf, also available on Amazon.

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