Auggie, you are a Wonder!



I want to start off with, yes I know I haven’t written in awhile, but life gets busy and you can’t do anything about it. But in my “hiatus” from writing post on this site, I have been places and seen a few movies here and there. One of those movies is a fantastic film called Wonder. It was my wife’s pick and had no previous knowledge of what this movie was or what it is about. But I grabbed my usual popcorn and cherry coke Icee, picked my seat and watched one of the most impactful movies I’ve seen in years.


Quick synopsis a 10 year old kid named August (Auggie) who was born with multiple complications that, with many surgeries to help relieve some issues, has effected the way he looks. And with his parents (Julia Roberts and Owen WIlson) deciding to move their son from home school to public middle school, this is a pivitol point in Auggie’s life and a scary one at that.

Wonder - film - Jacob Tremblay - Julia Roberts - Owen Wilson - animated gif (0)

One of the many things I took from this movie came from Auggie’s older sister, Via. As they are walking Auggie to his first day of middle school, she tells him “Remember, you can’t blend in when you were born to stand out”. That’s something that i struggled with in school and that quote just jolted through me. Sometimes we try so hard to blend into the world just because it seems like the easiest thing to do. Going with the flow of society so nobody can pick you out of a crowd. But was that really what Christ had intended us to do in this world? To blend in?

tenor (2)

Christians today seem to be the black sheeps of today’s society, and that’s okay with me. We should be the black sheeps of a world that is in need of the love that we know we get from Jesus Christ. We should be that bright, shiny reflection of God’s glory that is so noticeable that people are forced to see us and how God is working in our lives. Be bold! Be brave! Be loud about your God! Show the world that his glory is awesome. Be the Chewbacca of the world and stand out! Why? Because God loves you, that’s why!

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  1. gpavants says:


    Wonder-ful! We miss your awesome stories, so glad to have you back. Yes! Great points about not being afraid to stand out. I read the last part of your piece to my family. I especially like the Roooirr!Be like Chewbacca and proclaim your faith to the works.

    Keep being creative,



  2. jdpepe says:

    I think you are right Rudy. We shouldn’t always blend in. We need to highlight who we are and be proud to be unique.


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