Child in a Mask 

KR Smash


By G.P. Avants


Emulation. Being a copycat. These are things we have all done. Who wants to stand out when your goal is to fit in? I know personally growing up shy and lacking confidence, I often acted the part so I would not make a fool of myself. Can anyone else relate?


Ben Solo brings some of these issues into his persona of Kylo Ren. Being grandson of Darth Vader brings a lot of internal emotional struggles coupled with the external pressure of being related to the legendary Skywalkers.  When we begin the see Kylo’s backstory we understand why he felt torn. On one hand, he felt Luke’s desire to help him become part of a new generation of Jedi. Then there is the mysterious Supreme Leader Snoke.  His goal is to raise this young man into the role of a new Darth Vader. Kylo takes the bait with the unique helmet and outfit to strike fear into the hearts of his enemy. His Sith light saber is crude, with a spastic snap, crackle, pop, but effective to complete his dark persona.


But Kylo has failed his master’s plans. He bears the fresh scar by being beaten by an untrained, female nobody. Snoke berates his apprentice. He calls him basically a Vader wannabe, a child in a mask, and a waste of Snoke’s time.  Kylo has fallen from grace on both sides of the force. No wonder he smashes his helmet in an emotional rage. The battle within this tormented man comes from a child who has lost his way.


I feel that everyone wants to be part of something or feel like they belong.  We compromise so much just to fit in and to be accepted. However, isn’t good to know that God never made two people the same. He wants us to be original, unique, and not a carbon copy of someone else.  It’s great to have a mentor or heroes to help set the direction or the mold for our character. It’s critical, to choose them wisely.  In this life, we will always have the light and the dark nudging and pulling us in their direction. The battle to be who God create you to be and find your place in the world, is one of the most important ones you will ever make.



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