Happy New Year, Fellow NEEKS



2018 is here. We are just a week into this new year and things are moving steadily along.  We wanted to say thank you for all our readers for your comments and questions. Our many thanks to our fellow bloggers who have made us feel part of a larger community.  We are excited about the stream of movies, comics, and TV shows ready to be watched, studied, and shared.  The three of us, John, Rudy, and Gary wanted to share some thoughts with you.



“I started with you guys this year. Wrote my first blog post February on a Star Wars Rogue One. I was supposed to be a guest blogger, but have since written sixteen blog posts. For this year we will Be podcasting about the “well written” Star Wars movie and I should be doing a blog on that and maybe Jumanji. I should be finished with my fantasy book “The Lone Wolf” by February. Then I will go into editing it (currently finishing Chapter 42 out of 43 chapters). We should be blogging about black Panther and the Infinity Wars as well as podcasting about them as well.”






“I am just excited to end the year doing more production. My teaching job as turned into an online digital marketing and advertising course. This allows me, Lord willing, to learn how to use more online publishing tools, get more writing done, and work with others creative people. We finished up the year with some great movies like Jedi, getting into Star Trek Discovery, and attempting to complete Flash Season 3, Supergirl Season 2, and Arrow Season 3. I am also working on getting Chronolocity Vol 1: A Fistful of Chronotons out into people’s hands. Being self-published, I have been spending a chunk of my Christmas break learning how to create videos, Instagram posts, and checking out how to create your own audio book. For the blog we are gearing up for more stories and character reviews in a fandom-filled 2018.  Lots of good inspiration to come.”






“Oh, we wanted to share with you some exciting news. We started a Podcast! It’s called Neekology 101 and features our writers and their ideas spawned from your favorite fandom features. We are in early production now and learning the ropes as we go. I want to thank you brother Ron for being our engineer and podcast king on this project. Here is our first episode shot at a local youth group in Moreno Valley.  We are getting our format and style together, so thanks for being patient as we do.”

– Rudy






From all of us at God Among Geeks and Neekology 101, have a Happy New Year and the Lord bless your journey ahead.

IMG_0612   IMG_0623


Gary, Rudy, John

God Among Geeks


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