Luke, Time Makes your Bitter or Better

Next week we will begin posting a few pieces for The Last Jedi. To warm us up, how about a little fan fiction?



Setting: The planet of  Ahch-To before the events in the Force Awakens  and The Last Jedi.


Luke is contemplating his life and the choices he has made. He often finds himself replaying events and wondering if things could have turned out much different. His only friends that roost around him are flocks of Porg who appear to listen to his musings. He is getting council from his old mentors. He wonders how you face difficult seasons and still be ready for what is ahead. They will share their take on life, humor and all, and in the end encourage him to see hope and have faith in what is to come.



Luke: It’s crazy to think about how I got here in the first place.

Porg: Wheew, buur.

Luke: I used to be young and innocent, too. (He smiles weakly) Enjoy the simplicity of life, little guys, because it doesn’t last long.

Porg .gif

Porg: (stares at Luke with huge dark eyes)

Luke: That is how I used to star off into the stars wanting to be a hero.

Yoda: Still you are for those who need one, Luke?


Luke: (Luke raises a greying eyebrow) Look who decided to materialize.

Obi-Wan: I see you are still attracting odd little friends.

Porg: Geee-rooop.

Luke: At least they aren’t Jabba trying to pick you clean.

Anakin: Or Tusken Raiders.

(The Porg scatter and run from this latest apparition)

Anakin: (Holding up his hands) I am over my anger, don’t worry, I won’t hurt you.

Luke: Father it is good to see you.

Anakin:(Anakin smiles) And you, my son.


Yoda: Family reunion this is.

Luke: Yes, and your timing is perfect. (Luke sits down on a nearby rock)

Yoda: Brooding you have been, these past few years.

Obi wann

Obi-Wan: I know we all need time to think. That was my time in Tatooine.

Anakin: Mustafar, for me.

Luke: The brings up questions I have needed answering. First of all, why have you all been quiet when I needed you the most?

(Each of the Force ghosts exchange looks)

Yoda: There is a time for all things.

Luke: Meaning, what?

Anakin: We all have made choices that haven’t always gone right.

Obi-Wan: And learning from these things takes time.

Luke: Yes, I thought I knew what I was doing. I really needed some direction. Ben Solo was someone I trusted, but…he betrayed me.

Anakin: We have all been there, Son.

Yoda: That way I felt with learning Palpatine was a Sith Lord.

Anakin: Or that…you broke the heart of one you loved.

Obi-Wan: (Puts a hand on Anakin’s shoulder): Or losing a brother through misunderstanding.

Anakin: Correct. We all needed time to be alone and process what we experienced.

Yoda: On Dagobah, time to think I had.


Obi Wan 4

Obi-Wan: On Tatooine I replayed my fight with Anakin over and over in my head.  He forced my hand and I almost killed him. Was I the one who pushed him to become Darth Vader?

Anakin: While I hid behind that persona and mask I realized that fear was my motivation. If I could strike fear into others, maybe I could overcome my mistakes? In many ways, my solitary time on Mustafar was a way to replay what I could have done better.

Yoda: You, too need time to process your grief.

Luke: That makes sense. Okay, since I have you all here I do have a more questions.



Yoda: All ears we are (Yoda chuckles)

Luke: Was that a joke, Master Yoda?

Yoda: Tension breaker, a sense of humor is.

Anakin & Obi-Wan: Correct.

Luke: So, how do you all deal with loss?

Obi-Wan: Through my understanding of the Force.  Knowing that things are as they should be.

Yoda: Well said.


Luke: (Luke sighs) But the pain…

Obi-Wan: I embraced the pain but not the anger that went with it.

Anakin: I did both. Not a course I recommend.

Yoda: The heart only has room for one.

Luke: Did you ever feel like others didn’t understand your ideas or value your opinions?

Anakin: In my younger days Obi-Wan and I often didn’t see eye-to-eye.

Obi-Wan: I often told Anakin to mind his thoughts, they can betray you.

Yoda: To be mindful of the moment and keep your focus, that is a key to being a Jedi.

Obi wan

Anakin: That often made me so angry and resentful.

Obi-Wan: We all have to learn to experience each moment for what it is and not what we expect it to be.

Luke: (Luke chuckles) Master Yoda told me the same thing. I was always thinking about the future and not the moment I was in at the time.

Anakin: Where do you think you got that from?


Luke: Okay, so who is someone or something who really annoyed you?

Anakin:  Sand. Loosing, my lightsaber. Oh, Jar Jar Binks.

Luke: What is that?

Anakin: It’s a who?

Luke: Oh.

Anakin: A character from my childhood.

Yoda 3

Yoda: Obsessed I may sound, but Emperor Palpatine is my thorn. Abuse great power and hurt too many he did.

Obi-Wan: Darth Maul. He killed my Master Qui-Gon. I thought I had stopped him, but he returned many years later and killed my love.

Anakin: (Anakin is still listing things) Siths and their motivations…

Obi-Wan:  He found me on Tatooine where I was sent to protect Luke. We had one final battle that ended quickly. I never understood why he was so fixated on me. I feel like he wasted so much talent with his obsession.


Anakin: Oh, and that stupid suit. I don’t miss that at all.

Luke: (He holds his hand over his heart) With so much emotion it is a wonder you all kept it together. Do you have any regrets? Or is that an emotion Jedi aren’t meant to experience?

Obi-Wan: To spend more time with Duchess Satine Kryze, the woman that I loved.  And if I had, maybe, just maybe, I could have gotten there in time to save her from Maul.

Yoda: Not finding you or your son, sooner Anakin. Maybe many issues we avoided could have.

Anakin: That is good to hear you say, Master Yoda. I should have listened to you when you told be to be careful to guard my heart. I loved Padme, but I let jealousy, fear, and paranoia consume me instead. Again, Luke learn from my mistakes.

Ob-Wan: But, as with everything in life, we have regrets, and we must move forward.  Things are as they should be, and we must accept that.

Luke 3

Luke: I was so young and impulsive when my training as a Jedi began. Now that I am old, I wonder if I have taken the right path.

Yoda: Led you to Ahch-To is has.

Obi-Wan: Like I told you before, many of the truths we cling to…

Luke: …depends on our point of view.

Obi-Wan: As we age our thoughts and experiences define our perspective on our situations.

Anakin 2

Anakin: Son, each generation needs to other. You helped me to find the right path back, maybe by helping others again, you will find the path you are searching for.

Luke: I am so tired. I don’t know if I have the strength to try again. Can’t you see the wear and tear on me face?

Yoda: When 900 years you become, not as good you will look (Yoda chuckles)

Luke: (Luke shakes his head) Thank you, Master Yoda.

Obi-Wan: As you get old, learn to cede your own existence to the next generation. True power comes from helping others become great and achieve his/her destiny.

Anakin: It’s your turn to turn the tide, Luke.

Obi-Wan: Very poetic, Anakin. Luke, it is your choice to let time make you bitter or better.

Yoda: A choice you always have.

Luke: (Luke drops his head and turns away) You have all given me much to think about. Thank you.


Yoda: Luke?

Luke: Master?

Yoda: Look.

(Luke looks towards the sky. The Millennium Falcon is dotted against the cloudless blue sky.

The Falcon

Luke: I don’t believe it.

Obi-Wan: There is a familiar sight.

Anakin: That’s a beautiful ship.

Yoda: Yeesss. Things are changing. Ready, are you?

(Luke draws up his hood and strides to the highest peak on the island)






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