Defenders: Unity/Family

Matthew Murdock. The blind lawyer from Hell’s Kitchen has thrown himself into his pro bono work in the hopes of putting the Devil, and the loss of a woman he loved, aside. But the devote Catholic can’t escape the remorse he feels for her death, nor can he escape the draw he feels of his alter-ego, Daredevil. Murdock longs for the streets of New York so he can put the fists of “The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen,” to work to help protect the innocents.

DaredevilDefenders2                  DaredevilDefenders1

Jessica Jones. The private investigator who has a penchant for booze and a dislike for the lime light. She is a woman who wants to be a hero, but doesn’t want to be known for being a hero. She is a loner, who truly doesn’t want to be alone. She attempts to push others away through her witty sarcasm and perpetual pessimism, but deep within her soul wants to help.

JessicaJonesDefenders3              JessicaJonesDefenders2

Luke Cage. The Hero of Harlem. A man willing to pay a debt to society that he didn’t incur. A man who just wants to move forward from his incarceration. A man, who’s True North is doing the right thing, no matter what the consequences. A man who wants nothing more than to help people.

LukeCageDefenders2     LukeCageDefenders1

Danny Rand. The Immortal Iron Fist. Billionaire. A man who in many ways is still a boy. Danny believed that if he became the Immortal Iron Fist that it would slake the pain he felt in losing his parents at the tender age of ten, but alas it did not. In fact, in his quest to find himself he left Kun Lun, the city he swore to protect. In his absence, the Hand, the mortal enemy of the monks of Kun Lun, returned and killed everyone there. Now, yoked with the guilt of his failure to protect the city he has followed the Hand back to New York, his original home. Danny’s mission: to exact revenge on the Hand. It is all that he has left, with no other purpose than his need to help protect the people of New York and obviate losing it to the Hand as well.

iron-fist-images-marvel-netflix      untitled

What unifies these four markedly different souls, these unlikely heroes, is their individual need to help. They all want to help protect New York city, and their loved ones that reside within. Matt, Jessica, Luke, and Danny learn to unite under one banner as they all come to see their common goal: protecting New York from the Hand. As they work together to help one another defeat the Hand their bonds of friendship grow deeper, like the roots of a tree being feed water. As those roots grow deeper so do the branches of the tree get stronger, creating a family, one to replace those family members that have been lost. Or maybe they fill the void of family members they never had.

DD&LukeDefenders       Defenders2

In the end, they become Defenders, not because they are your typical superheroes (in fact they are quite the opposite) but because they need each, not only to defeat the Hand and save New York, but simply because they need each other. They each need a family.

Defenders1               Defenders4

Family can be found in the most unlikely places. Keep your heart, mind, and soul open to others. You never know where, or with whom, you might find a common tie; a person who may, in time, become like a brother or sister. If it can happen in a big, crowded city like New York, with four people who have little to nothing in common, I think it can happen anywhere.

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  1. jdpepe says:

    Thanks for the like judofunk!


  2. jdpepe says:

    Thanks for like Mike!


  3. gpavants says:

    Hello JP,

    The bonds of family go beyond blood. I like how these folks have more of a family bond than maybe the Avengers. A tight team is a strong team.

    Great stuff, Maynard,



  4. jdpepe says:

    Yeah. I’m seeing this same theme more and more in the movies/television series. It may be storng than the Avengers, and it is definitely a much stronger message in the Defenders.


  5. jdpepe says:

    Thanks for the like Kevin!


  6. Kevin Cedillo says:

    I’ve been back an forth asking my self should I watch this series? After reading some of their tales I’ve become very interested in watching it! Thanks JP.


  7. Kevin Cedillo says:



  8. jdpepe says:

    Definitely Kevin. You should check it out. But you might even start with the individual series-Daredevil Season 1/2; Luke Cage; Jessica Jones; Iron Fist. it will give you more insight into each of the characters and how they are all interconnected. I though Daredevil was the best. And they are coming out with the Punisher (he is in the second series of Daredevil.


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