Can you See who is behind the Hidden Figures?


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I would like you to meet Mela. She is one of our newest contributors to God Among Geeks.  We wanted to get a female’s opinion about all things neek. This is her first piece so let her know what you think and leave a comment.


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By Mela Trujillo,


Young Katherine.png

Everyone has a natural talent for something. Once a person can discover their natural talents it is a matter of finding an outlet to pursue not only that talent but also a passion for contributing something so much greater than themselves. A person cannot pursue that passion strictly on their own. It takes a collective influence and guidance from parents as well as teachers to recognize a child’s natural ability and hone in on it. An even greater responsibility in giving a child the opportunity to thrive and grow to be all that their potential can offer. There’s just one question on my mind that kept me thinking throughout the entire movie of “Hidden Figures” What do parents have to offer their children who possess a natural talent that surpasses them?

Katherine Johnson

At the very beginning of the movie “Hidden Figures”, we are introduced to a young Katherine Johnson. A remarkable young girl who can solve complicated math problems without breaking a sweat. As Katherine is in school her parents were brought in for a meeting with the principle and a teacher whom both have recognized the potential Katherine has and encouraged her parents to pursue better schooling for the young girl. The principle and teacher both assured Katherine’s parents of her ability that she very well could do more in life “You have to see what she becomes” were the words that echoed. The parents agreed to have Katherine attend high school. They even received a little bit of financial help from the school because the school itself believed in Katherine and her potential.


There are two ways in which a child’s life plays in the balance of the adults that surround them. First, adults can either stifle a child or attempt to mold them in the way they think they should go. Secondly, there are those rare adults such as a teacher who recognizes something within a child that not many people can see. In the case of young Katherine, she was lucky enough to have that teacher in her school and parents whom only wanted the best for her to pursue her natural talent. It is these adults that led Katherine to do great things with her life, such as working for NASA and being one of the first African-American women in paving the way for other women to be more than they can be and it all started with Katherine and the adults who recognized her natural talent.

If you have not had the great pleasure to see this awesome movie I think this trailer might just make you want to.



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  1. jdpepe says:

    Good opener Mela. I like your choice in film.


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