The Last Jedi: When It all Fades to Grey



Finding balance in life is a constant effort. Not everyone gets what you are doing. Why are you making this change?  This isn’t like you, what’s wrong with you? You’ve changed and I am not sure I like it. Statements like that would make me furrow my brow, too. Being an agent of change makes you enemies on both sides.


I feel your pain, Luke. Making a change that you feel moved to make can upset the normal balance of everyone around you. Think about his situation for a moment. The galaxy around him has been at odds for millennia. The struggle between good and evil, Empire and Rebel Alliance has been his legacy. He knows that everyone has found their place, chosen their side, and gotten comfortable on polarized ends of the conflct. Luke found that doing business as usual to rebuild the old Jedi order just spiraled the same of problems back ou into disorder. He saw history repeating itself: Train a child to be a Jedi, he gets corrupted, and turns on the ones who gave him his start. So, Luke went back to the roots, back to the basics, back to where the main thing was the main thing. There the divisions of passion and peace, aggression and calm, physical and spirituals worked in balance. As far as we can tell, Luke learned how to express emotions and feelings that he had repressed for so long. It has to feel weird, like unused muscles that feel painful and awkward at first.



Folks on two extremes don’t understand a balance until they see the fruit and maybe even experience the unity that can come. Sometimes getting into the real balance of things makes you unpopular, misunderstood, and isolated. But as Luke was heard telling Ray that it is a much larger world out there. That means that if our lives are balanced, they can bear greater things then we can do on our own.

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How has letting God balanced (or attempting to balance) your life? Has it felt life-changing? If you are feeling out of balance what do you think has to change?




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  1. jdpepe says:

    I like this post. I think life should be about balance, more about the gray, than black and white (the extremes). I even have a chapter in my book called “Grey Asi” where in one of my characters explains to another about balance, so this issue is part of my life’s philosophy and it is shown in my writing.
    In reading “The six questions of Socrates” the theme that I pulled from one of the wisest men to ever live was find a balance. As I read through each question that is essential what he boiled it down to when it came to answering his six questions that he thought were essential for examining one’s life.
    Ecclesiastes talks about balance : “there is a time to reap and a time to sow, there is a time to tear down and a time to build up,” etc. and “do not be excessively righteous and do not be overly wise”- yet another man, Solomon, who is also considered one of the wisest men to have ever lived talking about balance.
    I think God wants us to find a balance in everything we do. To find a way to learn from both the good and the bad in life, and not to go to far either way as it clouds our judgement and pushes others away.
    Great subject.


    1. gpavants says:

      Hi John,

      Thanks for such an indepth response. Yes, I think we are so used to things being polorized that when someone talkes about moderate, we tend to think a fence-rider. I do think of a proverb that says. “The man who trust in the Lord avoids all extremes”. The Lord loves balance and in a Bible study Andy Stanley talked about people not getting Jesus because he perfectly balanced grace and truth. Keep on seeking balance, yes, balance, (Huh, Mr. Miagi would agree, too, right Daniel-son?)


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  2. jdpepe says:

    Lol. “Whole life about balance.”


  3. Dear GPAVANTS

    I liked your post on The Last Jedi: When It all Fades to Grey. I like how you talked aboutlukes struggle between good and bad. my question is how do you think the last Jedi is going to be?

    From Geo


    1. gpavants says:

      Hi Geo,

      I saw The Last Jedi this weekend. I thought they did a great job. I like where it is going an how the characters develop.
      Hope you like it,



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