Chronolocity Vol 1: Time to Make Your Move

Time to Make Your Move


In this final entry for Chronolocity Vol I: A Fistful of Chronotons we learn a little more about the time war going on behind the scenes. Someone is attempting to sabotage Mr. Cross’s mission and find out what is really happening to the timeline.



In this song, Time to Make Your Move, we learn that history is in trouble and that unless someone makes a move the timeline is in a lot of trouble.





The first incident of time trouble began when Levy was taken from home. There was an attempt to destroy the timeline and halt Mr. Cross from completing his mission.

Real man

Uh.” Mr. Buckley’s mouth tries to form words, but he just mumbles in shock. It causes his jowls to shake like gelatin.

“Not only did your time machine catapult our young friend outside the safety zone…” He nods toward Levy, “but in addition, you obviously got the wrong traveler.”  Mr. Cross folds his arms.

“What? How is this possible?” Mr. Buckley asks shakily. “We accounted for any and every variable that could disrupt the Time/Space continuum.”

“Does that include freak lightning bolts tearing up our time pod?”

“Yes, I—”

“On top of that, the Chronostruct encoder is scrambled.”

Mr. Buckley’s silence is drenched with shame.

“So, if our targeting program is non-operational, our work is going to be harder than usual.” Mr. Cross removes his hat and runs his finger along the brim.

“I will investigate that.” Mr. Buckley taps his eyeglasses and blinks his eyes a few times.



Here we find out that the A6 is secretly attempting to inform Levy about their presence and why they are trying to foil the time mission. (This was my original book trailer for our first edition. Thanks DC. for making it) 


Levy spins his chair.  He makes sure that the other boys don’t have any idea what is going on.  All his senses kick in and he is drawn into the production.

There is a moment of static and the image snaps into focus. A red warning sign begins to flash.

“What is this?”

“The timeline is in trouble.” The voice sounds automated, almost robotic. “We need your help.”

“Who is sending this signal?”

“Someone is attempting to drastically alter history, one historical figure at a time.”

Now it’s sounding ominous.

“Observe. Things are not as idyllic as they appear.”

Levy’s eyes glue to the garden-cam and the opening scene.  This has to be somewhere in this complex.  Someone wants me to see this? He locks in with his full-attention.

The image scrambles through a window of scenes. It reminds Levy of channel surfing at high speed. It stops on a garden-like setting.  The images flick back and forth for a moment from three or four different camera angles.

Someone is making sure I don’t miss a thing. Levy adjusts himself into a comfortable position.



The A6 attempt to recruit Levy and his friends on their side of the time war. His decision to work against his friend, Mr. Cross shakes his faith in other people. He isn’t sure who he should trust until he has all the facts he needs.



I know I am going to regret this. That little piece of paper looks… he takes it between his fingers. I know that tinge of aquamarine, the pebbly texture. Someone is sending me a coded message. It’s made of Chronotons.

He turns it over to look at the back. It reads:


                             Your Friend in Time,



                                               * * * * * *

“Those six stars are a pattern. I wonder what they stand for?” Levy counts each one to make sure he has the number correct. Yep.

“If you are wondering what they stand for, they represent the members of the A6.”

Levy freezes. He grips handfuls of blanket. “Are…you here to take me home?” He glances around the room, but no one is there.

“We were sent to put things right,” answers the female voice again. “If we work together, then it is our goal to get you and the other historical travelers home safely.”

“Is there a chance I won’t get home safetly?”

There is a pause and the voice returns. “Levy, what you have suspected about Mr. Cross’s plan being altered is true. Something has gone wrong and the time to repair this affair is limited. So, yes, the risks to the integrity of the original timeline is real.”

As the woman speaks, Levy scans the room looking for some projection or hint that someone else is in the room.

This is not an intercom system. She appears to be camouflaged and speaking from inside this room. Amazing. I can almost feel her breath.

“We went to great risk to get your back-pack. You will find this one un-tampered with for the most part, and filled with items to help you build your next invention.”

“For what?” Levy asks.

“We need to know the outcome of this time-travel incursion,” The woman’s voice sounded grave and ominous. “If we can’t resolve these events in the timeline, history may be permanently altered.”

“So, you need me to build you something to do what?” Levy feels the pillow he is grasping getting damp with sweat. “I haven’t had the best track record with the life-span of my inventions. The Fizz-E-Drive is a perfect example.”

“As my colleges are reminding me, I am bordering on saying too much already. You have to make a way for you and your friends to escape.”

Levy forces a grin. “How? Can you give me some direction or does that violate some time law or something?”

“Something like that.”

“Of course,” Levy asserts, “just my luck or lack of it.”

The voice stops talking for a few seconds. Levy tucks his legs in and waits.


Chronolocity Book Cover_9.9.15-Recovered-Recovered


For more of the story and how time is changing, read Chronolocity Vol 1: A Fistful of Chronotons at: Want to hear the whole Clock Opera? Check it out on



Your friend in time,

G. P. Avants





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