Chronolocity Vol 1: Spending Time

In the story Chronolocity Levy Roarke is pressed by both sides in an epic time war to step up and be the hero that history needs him to be. He has many voices that speak to him and give him direction and inspiration. One character that quietly waits behind the scene Elise Quinonez. She is Levy’s dream girl at Gates and often inspires him by believing in him when he feels lost and alone.

Here is a a song called, Destiny Calls the Hero. With this and the following poem, written by aspiring poet Elise Quinonez  maybe Levy will know what he is meant to do to save history after all.





Spending time


By Elise Quinonez



Is like a monetary item

That can’t be saved, 




But can be spent, 

Frittered away,





Can be built,

Or torn down;

Refined and tuned, 

Or ignited and burned; 



It makes you wait, 

Can turn up late, 


Be the best surprise 

On one unforgettable date.



Can be a hard master

That owns your years,


 A faithful servant, 

That shares your tears. 



Is truly what you make it.

Spend it wisely. 

Build something lasting.

Be patient with its twists.

Turn tears, fears, and scars 

Into an eternal treasury.  


Chronolocity Book Cover_9.9.15-Recovered-Recovered

Want to read the rest of the story? Check it out on or the experimental album: The Clock Opera on Band Camp

Your friend in time,

G.P. Avants

Time Quote


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