The House that Batman Built

Okay, John Pepe, this one is for you.



By G.P. Avants


After one of our God Among Geeks planning meetings, two of us went to see Lego Batman. I wasn’t too sure what I would find upon viewing this Chris McKay feature. Was this just another fun romp in Legoland for kids?  What I did discover was that underneath the plastic exterior of this incarnation of Batman was real substance. It was held together by some strong messages without the help of the Kragle.


Batman really does have two lives to manage. His masked public image is what you think a hero should be. Everyone loves him. He is outgoing, does public-relations, and single-handedly does his own PR. Yet, when the crowds are left behind, the Batmobile is parked in the garage, and the last bites of the microwaveable lobster Thermador are swallowed, a quiet silence echoes in the halls of Wayne Manor.  Bruce Wayne is alone and has gone to great lengths to keep people out. He has a hard time connecting with others after the loss of his parents.


In a funny twist, the Joker becomes the very person who dislodges Batman from hiding himself away in the echoes of the Batcave. He desires to be Batman’s greatest enemy and goes to the point of getting himself banished to Superman’s prison for the worst of the worst criminals. There we discover that Joker with all his comedic criminal capers doesn’t fit the mold of being a supervillain. On the other hand, when Batman is banished in the Zone, he does. He is judged as being mean, treats his friends like enemies, (wears black), deceptive, isolated, etc. The life Batman built is just a shadow of the hero he believes is he is.  It took his arch-enemy, an overly enthusiastic Dick Grayson, an ordinary citizen, Barbara Gorton oh, his faithful mentor Alfred, to break him from his own personal Phantom Zone.

Barbara Gordon

Heroes have skeletons in their own closets. Though their enemies bring out their best, their darker nature can surface. These times test all of us. By God’s grace, we stand alone. Jesus knows how to use the drudges of life to enable His children to grow. Painful? Yes? Makes you doubt your faith, friends, and family? Sure. However, the crucible melts away the junk and lets that real treasure shine out. Want to see your house, your life set right on its foundations?


Be willing to face the night alongside the Light of the World. Those empty halls will ring with the voices of those who want to be part of your life. Then a house can truly be a home.

Batman out.gif

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  1. jdpepe says:

    That was Gary and I who went to see that movie. Told it would be good Gary. Funny too. Also had a pretty good message as well. And yes, the lady running the zone assumes that Batman is a villain because of the way he looks and talks. So in life don’t judge a book by its cover


    1. gpavants says:

      Right. We all have room to grow and be an even better 3D hero with substance.


    2. gpavants says:

      Hello JP,

      Life tests us all and Batman, too. Gotta love deep stuff in a “kids movie”


      On Sat, Sep 16, 2017 at 5:22 PM, God Among Geeks wrote:



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