Chronolocity Vol 1: Meet the A6

Welcome to another entry from Chronolocity Vol I: A Fistful of Chronotons.

Today’s characters and code named “H” and “E”. They are part of the A6 the other time travel team that is attempting to discover what Mr. Cross is really up to. Here we meet them in their first contact with Levy.


 Here is a little intro. from the Clock Opera telling us a little more about them.






The A6


“He is right here.”

“I am still unsure how this meeting is going to help fix things.”

“We have to trust SIM,” a whispered female voice responds. “You have to have a little faith in me, too.”

The deep male voice mutters, “Our first assignment as a couple and we get caught in a time web.”

“The A6 knows that this time convergence is one of the keys to undoing Mr. Cross’ time tampering.”

“First that T-Rex—”

“Plato was not a T-Rex.”

“Whatever. He eats like one,” the male voice continues. “We were almost eaten and caught hacking the Chronostruct.”


“Not to mention we sidestepped those Fixies, the two temporal anomalies, and on top of that we have been dodging people like…him,” He grumbles. “What’s next, doppelgangers?”

They both look at Levy who is gently snoring through a quivering bluish-green haze.

“It is very odd to see him as a child.” The female sounds nostalgic.

“You are smiling. Why?” The male voice sounds concerned. “Do you have any concept of how dangerous altering time can be?”

“It is just that, I love the excitement and the danger.”

“You would.”

She giggles, “What can I say? It runs in the family.”

“I love you, however, you scare me sometimes.”

She places a hand on his large arm. “They would not have given us an assignment like this, dear, if they did not think we were capable.”

“I imagine…you are right.” He sighs deeply.

“Are you ready?” the female voice asks.

“Please promise me you will stick to the script.”

“As best I can.” She catches herself. “Remember the code names?

“Yes. You are ‘H’ and I am ‘E’.”

She snickers.

“What now?’

“We are a funny team.”

“Tell me about it.”

“No, our code names are HE as in HE, HE. That is…funny.”

“H, I am glad you crack yourself up.”

“Oh, remember his is SO.”

“That is correct. This boy’s generation set that dilemma into motion, correct?”

“Yes, so I will have to assume his dialect with its slang and word contractions.”

“You just did.”

“No, I didn’t.”

“You did it again,” he mumbles. “Does it sound peculiar to shorten words and water down language?”

“That is -I mean- that’s the way they talk, talked.”

“Somehow you find enjoyment in downgrading the art of conversation.” E clicks his tongue. “I will not do it. You can be the spokesperson and I will just observe.”

“I intend to.”



After they have shared with Levy what they need him to do, he wants to trust someone in this whole time travel fiasco.



“Will I see you again?” Levy stands up, not wanting them to go. “How is this all going to turn out, since you know the future?”

Henna zips her mask back on. “It’s all a step of faith, Levy. No one is sure what is actually going to happen. We are only given a little piece and even when it sounds odd, we still trust it all has a purpose.”

A tear forms in Levy’s right eye. “Why is faith so hard?”

“It doesn’t take much. And the key is to know who to put it in, Levy.” Henna grins. “You told me that years ago, or you will. I am just throwing that tidbit back at you.”

“H, please, the Exo-sphere has collapsed. The boys are starting to stir. Let him go.”

“In answer to your first question, yes, we will see each other again.”

“Cool.” Levy watches E step through the time blister. H is about to walk through when Levy says, “You two argue like a married couple.”

H pauses. “Really? Thank you. That is sweet.” She looks back at E lovingly.

Chronolocity Book Cover_9.9.15-Recovered-Recovered

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