Logan 3


By G.P. Avants


The reality of any hero movie is they have a story to tell with a defined origin story, a series of adventures, and for many a heroic end. Logan AKA Wolverine has lived a life that has ironically began not too long after the birth of America. He has participated in se of the most pivotal moments in history.  He has now come to a chapter in his life that no one would have ever imagined.

Logan 1

Logan has always had the ability to regenerate himself from the most lethal injuries. The Adamantium Skelton was an UN-natural experiment that Logan volunteered for. The very thing that made him lethal to his enemies now has become deadly to his body. Logan is dying of Adamantium poisoning. He is fighting against this slow-painful death. It has made him bitter, frustrated, and doubtful of his decisions throughout his long-life span.

The Chase

Charles Xavier is well into his nineties. His mind and body are all in the same withering condition. Charles is in and out of things. His amazing mental abilities that once defined him and helped unite the mutants, are now a time bomb of epic proportions. When Dr. X has a seizure everyone and everything is overpowered by the cerebral shock wave. That is why Logan has isolated him away from the public way down in the deserts of Mexico. Something happened years ago that wiped out many of them the know mutants. The nightmare of his participation in that event haunts him daily.


The doctor brought up a word that triggered the title for this piece: speculation. It is the extinction of a species either by natural or man-made means. We all will face death. That is a 100% certainty. As we all age ( I hit 51 this year) that hooded Spector reminds us that our days are numbered. The question is how do we live our life with the shadow of death creeping nearer? Do we fight it tooth, nail or claw like Logan? Or do we accept this part of journey as the good doctor does with grace, soberness, and dignity? I wonder how life our fleeting life can deepen and enrichen now if we take a thoughtful view of death?

Logan 2

I am dying to hear your thoughts on this subject.


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