By G. P. Avants
America is based on the idea that all men are created equal. There is a special word that defines a people of this nation: liberty.  The question is how do we use the liberty we are granted? In the opening scenes of Logan we begin to see that the US has been modified, and adapted to benefit humans at the expense of a fading mutant population. The words liberty and justice for all has come under question.
Time and time again the battle between mutant rights has been debated in the highest level of government. Are they to be protected under our constitution that guarantees the rights of all humans? Even as the debate rages in the system, those who would stand to profit from mutants and their amazing abilities, take matters into their own hands. In this period of American History, mutants have been all but wiped out, but their genetic code has been dispersed into the food system many people eat and drink. (There was a comment made by someone in the film that the kick in the new energy drinks had special ingredients that came from mutant genes.) Others have bred their own mutants for purposes only a few are privy to.  Is this real liberty when money, power, and control has replaced, compassion, truth, and basic human(and non-human) decency?
What is real freedom? Do we use what the US has to line our pockets or do we do what is right for the nation? Maybe the key is how we treat others who think and act differently and than we do. We don’t all to agree on everything to make a great nation, but we do need to find a common ground that people can build their life upon. Is our nation richer because we are a united people or do we find ways make our own light shine at the expense of others?

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  1. geo says:


    I liked your post on liberty? I liked how you talked about the qualities of America and that we need to treat each other with respect and find common grounds. my question is what do you think will help our country be more united?

    From, Geo


    1. gpavants says:

      Hi Geo,

      I think what will help America to be more united is for us to remember our roots. We have so much because our forefathers sacrificed so much. It cost many of them their lives to put this nation together. May I also say that we forget we are one nation under God. If we all lived like that it would not only change our country but the world as well. It only takes one light to get a fire started.




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