Time, Times, and Timeless


Steve and Sharon


By G.P. Avants

This is my final entry for Captain America Civil War. I think it is fitting that we look at the take away from this pivotal chapter for the Avengers.

Steve and Sharon 2

Captain America truly embodies our nation in Civil War. As he has to make some big decisions about his future a voice from his past is silenced. Peggy Carter his one true love passed away. In many ways he is seeing the last shreds of his American dream blow away in the wind. Steve knows that change is in the air.


He drops everything and attends her funeral.


As Steve Rogers sits in that crowded church, he hears the eulogy that is carefully directed towards him. Sharon Carter, Peggy’s niece, speaks to the crowd about standing like a tree when the world around you has other plans for you. Sometimes to do what is right, you have to not bend the direction the crowd is leaning. Her eyes often fell upon Captain Steve Rogers as if he was the only person in the church. He is reminded that he and Peg often stood alone in their fight for freedom. Steve needs to remember that courage from the past still is needed in the present. Little does he know that the woman speaking to him now also a voice of hope for the future.


Courage is timeless. Honor, truth, character, virtue is still the blood that runs deeply through our country. Wouldn’t you agree that these timeless things are needed in our unsettled country today?  How are you keeping these timeless truths alive in your life today?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. geo says:

    Dear, GPAVANTS

    I liked your post on times, times, and timeless. I like how you talked about courage, honor, truth, character, and virtue which our country was founded upon. My question is why do you think a lot of people lack these values?

    From, Geo


    1. gpavants says:

      Hello Geo,

      Thanks for supporting our blog. I think that maybe people have become so busy and maybe money-minded that character isn’t highly-valued. If I may say when you God is our center and not ourselves the best comes out.

      Hope to hear from you again,



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