Play that Funky Soundtrack, R2.

By G.P. Avants 

Shrek reminds us all that onions and ogres both have layers. Teaching video in high school we often discuss that a great film has layers as well. One of the unspoken or should I say unsung parts of a film is the music soundtrack. How many films and TV shows were forever changed because of some a theme song or musical rendition? 

Here are some pop-culture musical moments that I hope you can smile at or might peak your interest of you haven’t heard them. 

The sound track from Titanic stirred our romantic hearts. While the Lord of the Rings orchestration opened up our adventurous hearts. 

Hum these theme songs:

Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Superman, Back to the Future. 

Can you name the one instrument on every heroic theme song that’s the same? 

Remember the scene where Forest Gump’s momma is dying? Imagine how empty that scene is emotionally without the subtle music softly rising on the background? 

The first time I saw just the opening credits of The Indian in the Cupboard I was already tearing up. Something told me already that this movie was gong to be something special. 

Ever hear the rock songs in Guardians of the Galaxy? How about the eclectic music of Gods& Monsters, and David Bowie’s Space Oddity aka Rocket Man in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty? The classic and the new bring out the best in our favorite characters and the fans that cheer for them.
And there is so much more. God was on to something amazing when He created music. How can something so simple on the surface subtly move the entire person simultaneously?

Share some of your favorite musical moments and how they have made an impact on you. 

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