Forgive them, They’re only human


With the Inhuman’s in somewhat of a limbo for phase 3 of the MCU, ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has a great opportunity to become the show that I’m sure we all dreamed it would be. Running along side the latest in the MCU timeline and building a solid roster of Marvel new and classic characters and keeping a fresh story line.


But as I was watching the season 3 finale, I expected a great ending to a wonderful season and a bridge that would give me enough to drive myself crazy for month on what I think is going to happen in season 4. But what I didn’t expect was to get a wonder reminder about my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the ultimate sacrifice for our sins. (Spoiler Alert for Season Finale coming up!)

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Lincoln has been dealing with the pain of losing Daisy to Hive and his persuasive ways using his parasites as mind control. Lincoln offered himself as a guinea pig for Fitz and Simmons testing on a cure for Daisy’s mind control. It becomes pretty clear he would do almost anything in order to get her back to safety. But when the Terrigen Bomb becomes the ultimate weapon that Hive was building up to, it was clear that someone would have to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to send that bomb into space and save the world.

Daisy : “He’s paying for my mistake”

Coulson: “No, he’s paying for all our mistakes”


As soon as Director Couslon uttered those words, I was immediately reminded of the sacrifice God made giving up his only Son for the sake of our sins. Lincoln didn’t have to do it, and neither did God. But when love becomes so great, there no hesitation, no stutter, and definitely no regrets. Perfect or imperfect, human or inhuman, God loves us all.

Hive: “…to sacrifice for them, and all their flaws”

Lincoln: “They’re only human”




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