Seeing Gray in the Red, White, and Blue


By G.P.Avants

Here we are dropped into the midst of a nation in conflict. In Captain America Civil War two different philosophies are coming head-to-head. I am an Ironman fan, but in this wave front I can see where Captain America is coming from.

There are times when man-made rules don’t quite solve a problem. There are other factors to weigh and consider especially when people’s lives are involved. Captain America believes in his friend and that injustices were done to him. The chain of events that followed effect everyone. It is here where the character of a real hero’s metal is tested. Answers aren’t always black & white. The hue can change just by looking at them from a different angle and  sometimes viewing various shades of gray.


As a rule follower and dedicated soldier like Cap, I understand how hard it is to question authority. Like he said, if we keep our eyes open we can see the problems, but maybe even the hard to find answers. Our nation, in the fiction and non-fiction world is changing. Like the Cap’s shield, it can look a little worn and discolored in the heat of political fronts.


How can we keep the Red, White, and Blue flying proud in a black, grey, and white world?



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