When to Buck the System


Bucky Barnes used to be Steve Rogers hero. Somewhere along the way, their roles reversed. For a time, they were enemies, now the circle is now complete and Steve is a hero fighting for his friend’s very life.

Isn’t that how friendship is supposed to work?


I can’t imagine what it would be like to reflect back on life as Bucky AKA The Winter Soldier. What is real and what is the nightmare? One constant in his lifemare has always been his childhood friend, Steve Rogers. When everyone else had given up on him, his friend did not.  Now Bucky is seeing the world of the Avengers rending in two. How does he live with the world falling apart because of him? Isn’t it funny that both of these men had man-made titles placed upon them, (Captain America was an advertising stunt to sell war bonds, The Winter Soldier was artificially created to get back at America and the free nations of the world.)  Yet to be the real men they needed to be, they had to throw off those old names and be real heroes in times of upheaval.


I imagine his hero, Captain America is learning that there is a time to buck the system. (Our founding fathers knew that all too well.) It is a scary thing to see change from both sides of a conflict. However, sometimes the only way to make things right is to stand up for the truth.

Your thoughts?

Daniel 11:33-36

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