Finn: Forced to be Awake


Be Encouraged by G.P. Avants

Have you ever been going on your merry way, when something made you stop in your tracks? If you have, then you might understand the odd change of events ex-storm trooper Finn finds himself experiencing.

One day, dropped into the  heat of battle, two First Order storm troopers get caught in the cross fire. Though on the outside they are both uniformly featureless soldiers seemingly void of emotion, on the inside one of them snaps. With his partner shot right next to him, and blood on his helmet, Finn’s awareness is activated.

Instead of shell shock, Finn becomes, awake and aware of the atrocities that he and his fellow troopers are inflicting on others. His conscience is now conflicted. His rock solid dedication to a cause is being questioned. Life is changing rapidly inside and the outside.


Finn as part of his First Order training, was taught that the Empire was good…

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