Wonder at that Woman



By the time you read this some powerful people will face off and the world will change around them.

I am talking about Superman Vs Batman. We all know that they have issues with each other’s crime fighting style and superhero persona. They are fueled not only by their own sense of right and wrong, but by outside forces trying to capitalize  on them destroying themselves.

But something happens that keep these two from ruining the name of superhero. Enter the scene, the negotiator, ambassador and Amazon princess, Wonder Woman.
Both men in the heat of battle come across a female force to be reckoned with. Somehow on the heat of battle she is able to put the real issues back into perspective.
Wonder Woman reminded them they were on the same side and the real enemy was yet to be challenged.

wonder woman

But men, wouldn’t you agree that God gave us women to bring calm to a potentially hostile situation? They add sweetness to sour situation, mellow us out when our pride or ego inflates, yet knows how to ignite our hearts when it feels like an ice cold rock nestled in our chest. Whether it’s a friend, a girlfriend, wife, or Mom, they have a special place in our lives that can move the course of things, if we listen to them more.

Have you experienced the wonder of a woman? How has she been someone who has made a difference in your life?wonder_woman_97887

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  1. Wonder Woman is a fascinating character. She is as strong as she is kind. Thank you for this great write-up on her! I still need to see this movie…


    1. gpavants says:

      Superman V Batman? You should. I think it did her justice and gave her a cool theme song.

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