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G.P. Avants


My colleges here at Realm of Nerdatonium and God Among Geeks have discussed whether or not to drop a few entries about Dead Pool or not. It is a racier adult Marvel film and not recommended for children. However, there were some good elements that reminded us that heroes come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and temperaments.


Dead Pool an your A-typical hero meets Colossus your typical A list hero. What happens when a by the book X-man tries to help an anti-hero understand what it takes to be a real hero?

Right ,you get a real conflict in their personal interests.


Colossus reminds Dead Pool that those heroic-saving-the-world moments come 4-5 times in your life. The everyday things don’t require superhero strength to achieve and that is where all of us spend most of our lives. A real hero will find the strength of character he or she needs when whatever moments find them.



How important is a person’s character when facing life and the heroic moments sprinkled throughout?

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  1. Ron Avants says:

    A very good point. How many super persons had to be convinced to be super heroes? Just wondered.


    1. gpavants says:

      They do say that the hesitant heroes are the best ones. They aren’t full of themselves and tend to humbly play their parts. I guess true heroism comes out without the coating of pride.


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