Seven Things I Learnt Reading Comic Books For One Year

Great stuff. I think comics are storytelling in a form that attracts more readers of all ages. As a teacher I am watching fellow teachers see the by in for kids.


1. It takes practice

This isn’t a joke, seriously it isn’t. It all depends where you are starting from. If you are avid reader, it’s not likely to be an issue, however if all you ever read is the web, its highly likely you don’t pay much attention to what you are reading and its short-form, and no; Buzzfeed doesn’t aid recall and concentration. It’s passive, reading comic books is an active form of reading, navigating and combining images and words. Whilst it might appear child-like from the outside, it’s quite the opposite with a visual language and complexity all its own. Ask Scott McCloud.

Buzzfeed Health Warning: This rots your brain

2. It’s complicated, bewildering and vast (at times)

There are lots of characters, publishers, story arcs, artists, writers and universes. My advice, ignore it all. Follow your gut instinct. Ever heard the adage don’t judge a book by…

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