It all Started When We Stirred the Nest

It all Started When We Stirred the Nest

By G.P. Avants

The Nest

There is a time for all things. A time to be born, and a time to die, a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing, a time for peace and a time for war. In the film Solo A Star Wars movie, we meet ordinary people backed into a corner. Some lay down their weapons at the feet of the Empire, while a select few dig their heels and prepare for a fight.


Some people call them, rebels.


While the Empire rules over time the citizens of the known galaxy, the Crimson Hand is closing around the corrupt underworld behind the scenes. Han Solo, Chewbacca are swept into this battlefield alongside Tobias Beckett and his band of mercenaries. Two competing criminal organization are both competing for Imperial Coaxium for fuel their advancing causes.

Han and Chewie attempt to follow through with their job, but as they are beginning to learn, never trust people by first impressions. The criminal group they opposed were made up of a mix of the free people of many races. They were good people who had enough of being oppressed and abused by Imperial war machine. Enfys Nest is a young teen girl that decided freedom was worth the reputation of being a dangerous outlaw.  Han and Chewbacca see first- hand the courage it takes to start a movement that is bigger than one person’s life. In the end we are left with the question: are you willing to shake the nest of status quo in order to soar or play it safe and always wonder what would happen if.


You may very well feel like the obstacles before you is as daunting as the planet killer Death Star. Yet, let’s see what one person’s step of faith can do to bring that monster down. But like a row on dominoes Enfys stolen treasure paid for the ships to start a rebellion. In fact one person’s act inspire others to step to make their own change on an imperfect society. The enemy wants to break our resolve and tell us to give up, but for those who listen their heart more than the lies, the playing field changes.


One girl challenges the Empire by funding a rebellion. The rebellion inspired an Imperial engineer to lay a trap in the Death Star. That caused a wayward daughter to risk her life to give the fledging rebellion hope. That hope fueled a princess’ cause to defy an Empire. Finally, a lone desert farm boy took a leap of faith and fired the shot that brought a war machine to its knees. See, you never know what your act of rebellion might do to lead others to greatness even when you have to shake the nest a bit. This one is tough for a rule  follower like me. But, there are times to make a change that shakes the comfortable nest and send us, even with untested wings, into the flight of faith beyond.

That’s what rebels with a cause do.



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