For Nerds Written by a Nerd

By G. P. Avants 

For many years I struggled with finding my way in life. You know finding what you do well and giving it all you got. They say most guys are into sports, working on cars, and would rather be the strong silent type. When you aren’t into any of those sometimes you are made to feel less of a man. My brother the musician and I the writer often created our own radio shows on cassette tape to entertain the family. Even if no one else enjoyed it, we did and that was okay.

However, In the early 70’s I discovered Star Trek.  In 1977 Star Wars. In the 80’s I discovered J. R. R. Tolkien and The Lord of the Rings. Since then I have been pleasantly barraged with a whole stream (maybe a roaring rapid experience) of super hero books, TV shows, etc. At first, I enjoyed these with my brother and it was something we shared in common. 

Soon, thought, I found kids at school, a few, who we had this in common. Some of these guys, were the cool guys that I considered dudes who had it together. That is when I realized that there were other options of activities that I could enjoy and still be a young man.

As an adult I went to found nerds at work, school, and church. They were everywhere! When I found my wife (Not a neek, but a neek supporter), she had two boys who were major neeks on lots of levels. How else could I be convinced to open up my Star Wars collection, so we could play for hours? Both of my stepsons and daughter attended academic decathlons or summits where Brainiacs showed up in droves. You could feel the brainpower and electric ideas humming in the room. It felt like home.

That is why I wanted to write a series about a boy like me who struggles to understand how his own mind works. I think Levy Roarke’s internal and external battles are our own. He represents a nerd who discovers how he fits into the world and can actually make history. I hope that this Chronolocity Hexatron (a six-sided molecular object) will help those who are nerds to understand their own uniqueness and that they are not alone in the world. 


“Levy Mozes Roarke.” The men’s eyes meet. “Does that name ring a bell?” “What?!” Mr. Buckley splats his cheeks.
“Exactly.” Mr. Cross folds his arms dramatically.
“Is this another of your famous practical jokes?” 


“Impossible. How could we have been that off with our calculations?” Mr. Buckley rubs his chin. He swallows and then turns to Levy. “Ah…Mr. Roarke?” 

“I’m just Levy.” 

Mr. Buckley’s cheeks redden. “Oh, my word.” The portly man takes a step back. “It is his younger version.” 

Inaestimabil!” Mr. Cross shakes his head. “I am still wondering how this kind of mix up could have happened. Unbelievable!” 

Levy scratches his head. Younger version? He knows me? 

“Mr. Roarke,” Mr. Buckley firmly shakes Levy’s hand, “I am certain we will meet again.” He gives a nervous half-grin as he leaves. “Mr…ah, can I call you, Levy?” 

Levy smiles.
Mr. Buckley forces a smile back. 

“Yes, just please: you can drop my middle name.” Levy shakes the man’s hand back. “Nice to meet you, too.” 

The chunky man waddles down the steps, toward the hub, and into a waiting elevator. In a split second it’s whizzing away. 

“How long did it take to build all of this?” Levy eagerly beams. “This place is huge!” His voice echoes. “Sorry,” he whispers. 

Mr. Cross snaps back into the role of a friendly tour guide. “The Chronosphere took only a few months to synthesize. Once you are able to get the Chronotons to accept your matrix, they make quick work of building the basic construct.” 


“Chronotons are very active and highly resistant to modern technology. That is why we chose to construct here,” Mr. Cross explains. “Less stress on the design process and in many ways cheaper and less convoluted by foreign technology.” 

“Okay.” Levy opens his hands. “I have no idea what you mean.” 

Before he speaks, Mr. Cross sighs. “Let’s just say I found the right people who knew what they were doing. They saw how all of this could benefit mankind.” 


“That little word of yours…sums it up.” He brushes the front of his coat. “I like our little patch of paradise. I think you will, too, Levy.” 

Levy’s journey as a neek takes some wild twists and turns in the story, Chronolocity: A Fistful of Chronotons. Where his life ends up in history is yet to be seen.

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