A Nerd’s Brand of Hero

By G.P. Avants 

I think inside all of us is a hero that wants a chance to do something great. You know, we all want to change the world in some way. Can you relate? What can a neek do that compares with those who do great almost superhuman things? 

As our character, Levy finds out, a hero is someone who does not have to wear a cape. It is someone who may not be able to leap a building at a single bound, but the can stand up for those weaker than they are. Their real strength is that of character and conviction to do what is right. But heroes don’t always get it right the first time. In this exert from the Chronolocity A Fistful of Chronotons, Levy flashes back to a time when his hero title got a little tainted.


If this school were an atom, Chris would be a stray electron, a person who just doesn’t fit in. If things were different, it could be me sitting at that isolated table. Levy leaned his chin on his hands. “I still don’t get why he would be hiding.” 

“I tried to hide that I am Micronesian.” 

Levy looked the massive seventh grader up and down. “You, a mini-mountain? Good luck hiding yourself.” He then waggled a finger across the cafetorium. “But this Chris is an outlier.” 

“What?” Chandler was skeptical. 

“Okay, got it.” Raul grinned. “I just learned that in statistics.” Raul grinned. “I’ll try to explain it like Levy would.” He crinkled up his hairy brow. “When you have a set of numbers in a sequence and one number lies outside of that equation, it’s called an outlier.” 

“Outlier?” Homar sounded impressed. “Raul, dude.” He gave Raul a knuckle bump. “Thanks for not pounding back hard.” 

Raul smirked. 

“You could say that.” Levy sighed. “Watching Chris makes me think that all nerds and geeks are not created equal.” 

Levy raised an eyebrow. Chris is alone in a sea of tables, each packed except his. “There is a quietness around him that just isn’t natural.” 

Raul sat up straight, turned his head to listen.
“He has a force field around him,” Homar whispers. “NAZZZZ. NAZZZZNAZZZ.” “Nerdfield is more like it.” Chandler patted the table. Chandler whispered in Levy’s ear. 

“Chris is the perfect example of why you keep your nerdy ways on the down low, even around here.” 

Levy folds his hands as he ponders“I wonder what this Chris Ko did to earn such a lowly step on the grunt caste system?” 

“Acting naturally nerdy.” 


As Levy learned, the best heroes aren’t perfect. They have flaws, make mistakes, and even find what brainpower and brainpower gives out, however, they get up again. He had an opportunity to help a fellow nerd, but chose rather to ignore his plead. Levy, like all heroic people live with regrets and wishes he had made a better choice.

I really think the difference between a hero and a villain is their strength of character. They might not always make right choices, but the best heroes grow and learn from their mistakes. They give all they have to be all they can to help all who need their help. Isn’t that what makes a hero a hero?

We live in a time when heroes are sorely needed to stand up for those who need their help. Ever neek has a hero resting inside them.  Are you a deep or a quick thinker? Are you creative and see designs in everything? Are you a manager of fine details or do you see the big picture? These are abilities that you might have that are needed right now. How have you used your neeky abilities to help others in your life? 

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