Zombie Apocalypse: Dos and Don’ts, Part 1

This 4-part series will explore the Dos and Don’ts of the Zombie Apocalypse
and what part God will play if – and when – the time comes.

Zombies are everywhere. On the television, the movie screen, in our comic books, and even on T-shirts. Even years after it started, the latest craze still has heads spinning and wallets emptying at a rapid rate.

Many of us have developed zombie apocalypse plans, no matter how little thought out. It’s crucial that a plan encompasses every possible scenario in order to survive the inevitable. If you don’t have a plan, you need one. There are things that are essential in a plan, as well as things that should be avoided at all costs.

Do make mini escape plans

You may have the perfect plan set up, but perhaps your plan starts with the zombie outbreak occurring when you are at home. In fact, most of our plans depend on us being home when the zombies attack. What about when you’re at work? At the grocery store? At the mall? At Comic-Con? In rush hour traffic?

Always be mindful of your exits in crowded places.

No matter what your plan is, you must make mini escape plans for every place you might be. Whenever you walk into a new place, assess the situation. Find your exits. Identify potential obstacles. For example, if you are in a store in the mall and the zombie apocalypse breaks out, the last resort would be to run in the direction of the food court. There are simply too many people. The only thing worse than getting bitten by a zombie is being trampled by teenagers during your initial escape.

Before entering a location with others, make sure you set up a rendezvous point in case you are separated in the chaos. Ensure that the meet-up location is in an area that makes it easy to get back to your car and back on track for your original plan.

Don’t share your plan pre-apocalypse

You have the perfect zombie apocalypse plan and you just know you’re going to be one of the lucky survivors due to your meticulous planning. So what do you do? You tell the world about your plan to brag about how awesomely perfect the plan is! That is a huge, rookie mistake. Do not tell anyone about your plan. Your plan is yours and yours alone. Why allow others to steal your plan or worse yet, assume that they are included in your plans? If you have the perfect plan and you tell others, don’t be surprised when you get to your secret hideout to find thousands of survivors converging there.

The only people who should know about your plan are you and maybe two others from your core group. Others in your group should know that you have a plan, but should not know all the details in case they accidentally blab to others. Tell them the key locations where you plan on being throughout your travels, but not much more than that. Hold back on revealing your final destination to live out your apocalypse years. Definitely do not share with the whole group where you plan on stocking up on supplies. You need to keep your supply locations hidden close to your heart, or you’ll end up with an empty stomach and no bullets for your gun.

Do set up a meet-up location

Going back to the first point, it’s not only important to have a meet-up location if you enter a store with others, but also to have one in case you’re not with your group at the time of the apocalypse. Make sure to set the location at a place that is central to all in your group, so that your entire group has the location in short travel distance no matter if they are at work or at home.

Also set up a timeframe in which everyone is to get there. For instance, everyone has two hours from outbreak to meet at the preliminary location and six hours from outbreak to meet at the secondary location. Make sure those expectations are known upfront so no one is surprised if you’re not there after the time has elapsed. Setting expectations are necessary and encourage your group to keep moving along toward your end goal.

We don’t know everything about zombies – yet.

Don’t believe everything you see

With zombies all over the big and little screens, there is a lot of information to compile about zombies. Since there are no zombies right now, it’s important to remember that these are just best guesses at this time. We have nothing to compare zombies to, so we don’t know how they will behave. They may react only to sound, but maybe they also have a great sense of smell that we didn’t previously consider. Maybe they only live for a short period of time due to decomposition, but maybe they live forever. Shooting them in the head may not be the only way to dispose of them.

When the zombie apocalypse breaks out, you will have to experiment a bit to learn the real rules of the apocalypse. One thing is for sure: the apocalypse will finally settle the age-old debate as to whether zombies are fast or slow.

Join me next time for Part 2 of 4 for more
dos and don’ts of the zombie apocalypse!

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  1. gpavants says:

    Hi Angie,

    Thanks for making me feel prepared. It’s funny that there are so many possible zombie possibilities but these tips are universal.




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