We (are Trying Our Hardest, Dude) to Build this City on Rock and Roll



       By G. P. Avants 


       Bill & Ted are back! Bill & Ted Face the Music is the third installment of the story of two unlikely heroes who make the future we all dream about. But the fate of the future is uncertain as they try to write the song that unites humanity. If they aren’t  able to create this one-of-a-kind rock piece the very fabric of history might begin to unravel. That would be a most non-triumphant way to make your impact on history.


Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure became a cult classic that started it allThe whole story began with two best friends, Bill and Ted who had to complete a history report in order to not fail high school and keep their future rock band, Wyld Stallyns together.  However, a time traveler from the future threw in another reason to keep the boys together. Their band would lead a future society to build an idyllic utopia, built on the rock music that they would someday create. That lead them on an excellent adventure through time where they met and befriended a number of historical “personages” like Billy the Kid, Socrates (SO- Krates), Abraam Lincoln, Beethoven, and one short dead dude named Napoleon, That adventure saved the history report, kept the band together, they met the love of their lives with the two Medieval princes, and understood the importance of living history alive.

Evil Bill & Ted

 In Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey life is moving forward for our high school graduates.However, the future fights back in the form of Chuck De Nomolos who hates the future society and the two responsible for its inception. In a number of twists of time and fate,  Bill & Ted are killed, pass through Hell and Heaven, meet Martians, two evil robot versions of themselves,recruit the Grim Reaper himself as a bass player,get a second chance at life, see Wyld Stallyns fall apart, and come together, which finally leads them to learn how to actually play their guitars. That was one long wild ride for these…stallions, but the journey isn’t over yet.  


As this piece is written the older versions of Bill & Ted are about to embark on another adventure. Though we don’t know all the details of this next film, Bill & Ted Face the Music, but it is slated for an August 21, 2020 release.What I do know is that they boys have families now and they have still not written the song that will save the world. We do know they will be accompanied by their daughters to take a whole new time travel adventure. Somehow things aren’t coming together exactly how the future history foresees it all happening. Because of that fact, time itself is beginning to fracture and splinter. There is a possibility that Bill & Ted might encounter alternate versions of reality because they missed the window of making their mark on history. 


Talk about having to use music to create a better tomorrow. Bill & Ted embody the fact that music is a powerful tool that truly can affect the course of history.  We have seen our society heavily influenced by the many voices that create a world of powerful soul stirring tunes. I think about my daughter’s fascination with the music from the past fifty years of music, especially the influences from the 60’s and 70’s. Rock and roll, classic rock, pop, jazz, and folk music comes rolling from her portable speaker on a daily basis. She is building her own personal connection with the world through music and the people who created it.

Dust in the Wind

How is this any different than Bill & Ted’s attempt to use music to move a world’s heart? I am not sure how this film will portray the impact of creative people, but I hope it reminds us to be mindful how we allow music to define who we are and our world view. I hope at the end of the day it takes you on a most excellent journey that brings you to a place where you can make your own impact for good in the world. Bill & Ted Rock?



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