No Work is  Ever a Solo Venture



By G. P. Avants


Here is something fun I wanted to share with you. Since we know how a blog, God Among Geeks and podcast, Neekology 101, I watch movies and TV shows a little bit differently.  I wanted to share how I get first impressions and ideas for posts. Maybe for those of you thinking about starting an online blog or podcast, this might help you get some ideas.


So, let’s look at the recent Star Wars  movie, Solo as an example.  First I get early so we have decent seats, not feel rushed, and hit the trailers. That’s important. Then I turn my phone to silence and my brightness down low. Being an visual and auditory learner I make a note page on my phone ahead of time. I am also a verbal processor which means talking about the movie as I am going can disturb my neighbors. So, instead of verbalizing what I see I take notes. Sort of like a stream of consciousness these are my thoughts as I watched the film.

For you who love poetry we can call it  real-time pros:


The dice

For luck. 


Our own  ship? 

Join Empire. 


Made up last name

Hide with enemy. 


Saw his future 

See inside of the Empire.

The beast 


Speaks Wookie? 


You need a nickname.

Sometimes you put your faith in the wrong people.

What’s the difference between a tribe snd family. 

The famous Han Solo blaster.


Mynock roast

Prove your piloting  skills 

Live with a price on your head

Draden Voss. 


No bowcaster 

Slave girl 


Fastest ship! 

The Kessel Run 




“Anything Haan.”

“It’s Han.”

Clint Howard

No business! 

Robot free rights! 


She is hippy! 

Yes, my organic overlord.

The Millennium Falcon! 

Wet bar 

I din’t lock it up. 

I din’t expect it.

But I will agree 

Love the ship

YT 1300


“Dad built these.”


Ladies man

Solo car

Buckle up, baby.

Tobias Beckett

A lesson to be learned

With Chewie and chess.

Kira & Han Kiss

To many capes 

Lando has costumes for all ocassions

Can you trust no one? 


L3 & Qura

Girl talk? 

Shes like Lando

Well negotiated.

Free the droids 

Freedom for all! 

More wookies?!


L3 tells fellow droids:

Follow me compatriots 


She started it! 

L3 killed. 

Her brain in the Falcon 

Find your calling 

(Chewie can fly!)

Her brain has a new body.

All her navigations,  

12 parsects, 

Everyone serves someone.



I am an outlaw


You are one of the good guys 

Emphys Nest

Down trodden

Just a girl

The people resisted! 

The rest of the galaxy is uniting

Blood that brings life to something new.

Allies against the Empire

Running prefered  to dying

Find me on Tatooine 

Infuss Nest 

Sith weapons

You always make me smile

Darth Maul .png

Darth Maul??!!!


The goodbye hug.


Whew! Sorry that was the raw thoughts as a play-by-play. But the ideas gave enough notes to create five pieces. The beauty of catching ideas as they come streaming out of the movie experience is I have ideas to build stories right away. I hated to limit ideas for blogs, but I am not the only blogger on our site. So three stories came from these notes:

GAG Logo

God Among Geeks blog:

“Do You Speak Wookie?”

“My Organic Overlord.” (Sadly the piece I totally lost)

“It all Started When You Shook the Nest.”


Decal 2 Neekology Logo

Neekology 101 Podcast

Episode23: Solo Prediction

Episode 27:Solo Review



I will confess that my favorite out of those three was about L3’s act of rebellion called, “My Organic Overlord.” However, after it was done it got erased from a glitch in my notes. I have to chalk that loss up to experience and I was limited in time to recreate it.

So better process:

  1. Take notes on phone
  2. Save stories on Google Drive
  3. And use email to send to Word Press.

On another note, save your notes.

Just like the American Indians used every part of the buffalo, use everything and waste nothing. That is how this piece came together. Thanks to some of my fellow bloggers who share the “How to”

Entries. Maybe we can inspire you to make your mark online in the special unique way that’s all your own.

Gary .jpg


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