A Hero of a Guy


Bucky is frozen

By G.P. Avants

I am writing this piece three days before I see Infinity Wars. Yes, I waited an excruciating week, avoiding social media, my fellow neek’s spoilers, and even Marvel fans in my classroom. I am waiting to see it with my wife and daughter on Sunday.

But I have had time to study two Avengers who have passed  through fires already. Their friendship has lasted for more than 100 years with the best and worst that life can throw at a person.


Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes grew up together in a world on the edge of war. That world-wide calamity changed both men. Steve willingly became a lone super solider known as Captain America. Bucky became a POW who  unwillingly was experimented on by the enemy and transformed into The Winter Soldier.  Bucky was presumed lost and was mourned by Steve up to the time of his own frozen death as it were.


These Brothers in battle were separated by ideology and almost 80 years. Steve Rogers assumed his friend was lost, but soon discovered Bucky he was alive, but not himself.  The Winter Soldier and Captain America, Russia and America, went toe-to-toe which tested their long-standing friendship. So much so that it split the Avengers up as a team. Steve risked being wrong,even vilified to prove his friend’s innocence to the world.  It cost other friendships to stand by his companion who had no other friend in the world to count on.


As I watched their friendship hit the highs and lows, I saw what the real glue of a relationship could be:

Patience, forgiveness, grace and love. Steve and Bucky remind me of the Biblical characters of David and Jonathan.  Their friendship crossed over political, cultural, and religious lines. Even when the days get heavy real friendship keeps its sense of humor alive. Dangers bring true friends closer and separates the empty promises from the real ones.  I know Steve and Bucky have become even faster friends through the flame, the snow, and in the bleakest weather anyone could face.

Infnity Wars

When The Infinity War hits I predict that a friendship will pass though another tempering trial. Will either on of them fight their final super hero struggle against Thanos? Whatever this super friend team faces they will do it together. Isn’t that what  friends, true friendships do? I hope we all have a friend that will be with us right to the end of or journey. Fight the good fight boys!

Steve and Bucky

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  1. Who made the art of frozen Bucky and sad Steve? Please I need to know!


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