They Hate That Ship! 

Falcom 3


By G. P. Avants


Ever since I was a kid I have had a love affair with space craft. Now, I’m not a mechanic, mind you, but I am an adventurer. The right vessel can warp, time travel, propel, shoot you to light speed wherever adventure calls you. Star Wars has a plethora of iconic ships that harken back to the original trilogy.

The Falcon

We have also been treated with so many new ships from the prequels, Rogue One, and Force Awakens. Through it all there has been one unique ship that has a story of its own, and frankly is my all-time favorite.


The old battered pirate vessel won in a card game, made the Kessel in 12 ( not 14) parsecs, and has been the source of encouragment for a generation of rebel pilots. Yes, it is Han Solo’s pride and joy, the Millennium Falcon.  I could go on about it’s odd design and wonder how a piece of junk like that has survived this long.  It’s so iconic that it even has its own theme song. I am thinking only special Star Wars characters are given that honor.  That is saying something. I remember owning a couple of them at various times in my life (Not a real YT 1300 but a toy).  The fact that this ship is very streamline, practical, and heavy, but still the pilot and the ship make magic together. I wonder if in this force-centric, now Disney-owned, universe, that it will be implied that the Falcon is protected by the Force and has a destiny to fulfill as well.


But there are those who hate this ship with a passion. Think about the pain and loss this ragtag cargo ship had dealt out on the Empire? It was responsible for not just one, but two Death Stars being destroyed, Multiple Star Destroyers being disabled on various occasions, and who knows how many tie-fighters, bombers, AT-ATTs, etc it has decimated. The Millennium Falcon has earned its place in Imperial folk-lore as a scourge that needs to be eliminated.


So, in the Last Jedi when the Rebels are getting their hinny’s picked off one-by-one on their final stand on Crate, a shadow is cast across the red and white salt flats. Finn, Rose and the other rebels are once again saved by the Falcon swooping in from the sky.  I wonder if Kylo Ren sees the Falcon as another reason why he had to remove himself from his parents, more specifically Han Solo. That flying rust-bucket was another kick to his head. “Blow that…thing from the sky!” He screams as he sends squadrons if tie fighters in a futile pursue. In the end, the Millennium Falcon has one more great honor bestowed upon it. With the help of Jedi old and new, the last of the rebels escape, packed within this faithful vessel. The Falcon lost its pilot, but it became the keeper of the spark that  starts the fire, once again, to bring down the First Order. It is a reminder, as muttered by an injured Rose, “It’s not fighting what you hate, it’s saving what you love. That’s how we will beat them.”


Yeah, she is one-of-a-kind beauty.

Falcom 4

She isn’t much to look at and some might even call the Falcon garbage next to other newer sleeker ships. But as Han Solo once said to a naysaying Luke, “She’s got it where it counts, kid.”  Whatever vessel you have been given to take on this adventure of life, take it for all it’s worth. God has given you a lot or a little, but the key is what you do with it in the time you have on earth. You will make enemies and friends, be seen as a hero to some and a fiend to others.  But do what you know would please your Creator all the days of your life.  We all might laugh as Finn comments, “Oh yeah, they hate that ship.” But really, we love it and are along for the ride no matter where the next adventure might take us.



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  1. Ron Avants says:

    Great article.. I remember you where the first and maybe only Kud in the neighborhood to have the giant Falcon toy. And tie fighter, darts Vader ship, a The Cylon ship from Battles Star Galacttca, and even that large ship from the tv series Soace 1999.


    1. gpavants says:

      Hi Ron,

      Those were some good times. Yes, it is good that our childhood memories can be more good and happy ones than sad.

      Thanks, Gary


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