The Executioner’s Redemption


Have I ever told you the tale of Skurge the Executioner? No? Well grab a chair and some hot cocoa and I will tell you about Skurge and how a character with the name like “Skurge the Executioner” could have more in common with you than you think .


Of all the things to do as an occupation in Asgard, Skurge is a lowly janitor that is in charge of cleaning the gate to the rainbow bridge. Like anybody in his position, he desires to be “somebody” or to be known and carry on a great legacy. We all have these types of desires when it comes to our daily lives. Working at your job, I’m sure that you wish for that higher pay and maybe that corner office that you stare at and say “someday, I’ll be the big shot”. If you’ve had those types of thoughts, there’s nothing wrong with a little ambition. I’m sure that’s what Skurge thought when he took on the role that Hela bestowed upon him. Maybe not his first choice, but he saw the opportunity and took it.


Skurge isn’t perfect and neither are we. We all make mistakes throughout the day and our lifetime. But always remember that IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO DO THE RIGHT THING. And in the case of Skurge’s tale, he waited until the last minute. Skurge never wanted to be on Hela’s side, but he did what he had to do for the sake of his “legacy”. But the cost is what Skurge never took into consideration. Skurge knew what he had to do and what he should be fighting for, but he didn’t realize it until Hela’s army was on the verge of bringing down the escape ship filled with Asgards. He looked at his people and finally saw the cost of his actions.


Doing the right thing is one of our basic human conditions as Christians. The spirit within us always wants to do the right thing, but our fleshly bodies and minds fight us and tries to pull us down to the earth and it’s desires. While Skurge had his battle on whether to do the right thing and save Asgard or continue to be at Hela’s side, we have our own spiritual battle within our ownselves as well as a our battle with darker forces. The benefit that we have is that the Good Lord is continually on our side and encouraging us to do the right thing and live to our fullest potential.


Romans 7:19 says “For I do not do the good I want, but the evil i do not want is what I keep on doing”. Skurge became the hero that we didn’t expect, and I guarantee he didn’t expect it either.


For Asgard!


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  1. gpavants says:


    Another great piece! Yes, you have to love grace and second chances. I hope you share this story link to people who need to hear it. Good job, and long live Asgard. In Christ,



  2. Ron Avants says:

    Good article. I thought he got his name from battle. Why was he a janitor?


  3. jdpepe says:


    I love how you started this piece with “grab a chair and some hot cocoa and let me tell you about him.”

    It really is about being able to turn one’s life around at anytime. And we are able to do that with the grace and forgiveness of God. But like Skurge, we have to make the choice to do the right thing


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