Discover a New Course of Your Life



When we last left mutineer Michael Berman, she was preparing to face the consequences of her actions. Some believe she single-handedly started an interstellar war.

This once squeaky-clean Starfleet officer’s life is tainted, but as the captain of the newest ship in the fleet the USS Discovery tells her, “The Universe hates waste”.



The Federation is at war with the now united Klingon Empire. Berman is the one everyone blames for igniting this conflict. Every waking moment she bears the weight of over 8,000 lives lost and one of them her beloved captain that she betrayed. In a strange twist of faith, Berman is walking onboard a new starship, sleeping on clean sheets, an is telling her story to an innocent new roommate. Some old friends avert their eyes and some even an old nemesis have turned a harder shade of resentment towards her.


Michael Berman is offered a second chance. Captain Lorca sees a woman who has been humbled by her circumstances. She once thought highly of herself and her exceptional abilities. When offered a place to serve again as a member of a Starfleet crew she can’t imagine why anyone would trust her again. The choice is hers to help make right what went wrong or to return to the life sentence she feels she deserves. Berman is a human raised under the Vulcan sense of right and wrong. It is logical that she should serve out her life sentence on a penal colony. To be given a second change throws her logic out the window, or should I say the airlock?


What a picture of grace. If we are honest with ourselves we know we will never be worthy of the love God has shown towards us. It is a jaw dropping thing big to be totally pardoned of a life sentence we know we deserve. Now imagine to also be elevated to a place of honor in His service (well in God’s desire we are now family) is craziness. We made the mess we are in, but Jesus paid for that crime in full. The twist in the story is that we can now use our talents to undo the damage we have done and take down the enemy that caused it all in the first place.


How have you discovered the meaning of grace in your life?




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  1. jdpepe says:

    I have a question GA, can we really, Man, undo the damage we have done? Is Man inherently good or bad? God gave us this world and we just seem to keep screwing us, and it up, over and over, even when given chance after chance after chance. We, Man, are our own worst enemy. How do we defeat, or conquer, what seems to be our lack of convictions? How do we defeat ourselves even with the help of God’s grace?


    1. gpavants says:

      Hi JP,

      I see it like an opportunity to not let sin ruin our lives and those we affect. We are born into sin and death. Without us accepting Christ’s salvation we are lost. This is what we deserve and it falls within the enemies plans. When we no longer walk in our sin and we are walking in God’s grace we are stealing from Satan’s kingdom a lost soul. We are fighting for tho other side of this war and helping to save other souls. I feel that we are undoing the damage when we help bring people into Eternity. That is what I see at “fixing” things.
      I hope that clears it up,



  2. Dear GPAVANTS

    I liked your post on discover a new course of your life. I like how you talked about how she was given a second chance for the mistakes she made. my question is where has the respect and manners people once had gone.

    From Geo


    1. gpavants says:

      Hi Geo,

      Thank you again following. I think people have learned to be disrespectful and only think of themselves. I think when we think about others we keep from treating others poorly.
      It’s always great to see people being kind to others.

      Thank you,


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