Thor: More Than just Pretty Face.



By G. P. Avants


As we approach the Thor Ragnarok, (Just a few weeks away) we have seen our hero, Thor change along with his complicated story. Many woman I know, picture Thor as a perfect specimen of a man. When they talk about him they get that twinkle in their eye when Thor bursts onto their movie on their screens. And as a guy you wish you had his build and the tenor of his voice. I think we all know that beneath that handsome face another person is lurking.

Thor again

If you look back at the other Thor features you see that life had a way of hammering his character into shape. In the original Thor, he lost the right to rule because he knew how good he thought he was. His ego and pride were his literal downfall to the lowly planet Earth. There he learned the secret of real strength in humility and self-sacrifice.


In Avengers, we see Thor learning that he can be part of an imperfect team. Through their obvious differences were glaring, the Avengers became more than the sum of their parts. This honored Asgardian learned the virtues of being a human.


In Thor the Dark World, we got a longer more complicated movie. Thor helped us all learn that the universe is not a barren disconnected place. The nine realms are protected and need guidance on a regular basis. They have common purpose and malicious enemy that is trying to tear them apart.

thor Ultron

Thor began a journey in The Age of Ultron that would  change everyone’s destiny.  What began as a typical Avenger mission lead Thor to begin connecting what was happening behind the curtain of the Marvel universe. Something or someone is subtly trying to unravel the life we have all come to love.

He discovered that someone is collecting Infinity stones that have lead like powerful and deadly breadcrumbs to a mysterious figure.

Loki Dying

Mysteriously absent from Captain American Civil War, Thor needed answers from that echoed around in his heart and mind. His journey is far from over.

Thor Ragnorok

What we know about Thor Ragnarok is our hero is bound for more character-building and soul searching on the galactic horizon. We do know that Thor will face the loss of his home Asgard, will face off against old friends, and even looking death’s hauntingly beautiful embodiment in the face. Though we have pieces of the final story, Thor’s fate is yet to be determined.

giphy (1)

God knows how to use the challenges of life to mold his children’s character.  He knows what the arena of life holds and what his warriors need to deepen in their hearts, minds, souls, and bodies. We too face death, discouragement, and disaster on a daily basis. Nobody in their right mind, asks for trials to refine them into heroes. Wouldn’t it be nice to don a cap, stick out your chest, and raise a hammer in order to make our adversaries run terror? The truth is, we don’t have a clue what tomorrow will bring, but the Lord of all does. May you keep your head up through fire, flood, and frenzy with the Lord’s strength burning from within.


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  1. geo says:


    I liked your post on Thor: more than just pretty face. I like how you talked about thor building his character throughout the thor movies. my question is what do you think lokis role in thor: ragnarok is going to be?

    From, Geo


    1. gpavants says:

      Hi Geo,

      What I have seen already is Loki is deepening, too. He and Thor have sone funny moments, but there are serious moments, too. I think Loki will be important to the change in leadership and direction Asgard will go. Hopefully, he has some shining moments being that ant-hero who makes a difference. What do you think?




  2. Kevin Cedillo says:

    Really great post, I can’t imagine what each character had to do to be called a ”Hero”


    1. gpavants says:

      I like the term hero because anyone can be one. Life has a great way of tempering people into the real men and women.


  3. jdpepe says:


    I like the fact that you have pointed out the evolution of Thor as a character. He has grown, maturing in many ways. As he is written, he has come to realize what it takes to be a true leader, the limits of his power, and how to maintain, if not delve into, his sense of humor, even in the face of the potential of his world ending (the Ragnarok). I mean else can you do but laugh in the face of possible demise. I think what we can take from this is that even a “god” can’t defeat all obstacles; only God.


    1. gpavants says:

      Hi JP,

      Thanks for the comment. Did you watch the video at the end of the post. Watch the interaction with Thor and Loki. There is a real sense of honesty and brotherhood there with our all of the joking and jesting. I think this movie will be a complete package of many layers emotions.



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